Not-for-profit organisations preventing youth crime

Charities and their fundraisers are at the forefront of work to rehabilitate offenders, reduce reoffending and lower the crime rate in areas all over the UK.

In Britain, prisons are under intense pressure—levels of violence are on the up, staff numbers are too low, and complaints about overcrowding are widespread. Charities are struggling to access those in need and access the communities who require extra support the most.

Criminal justice charities must be better resourced to fulfil their role supporting people in the justice system. We want to understand how, and who the not-for-profit organisations are who are making a real difference to the way we live in the UK.


A national social justice charity with more than 50 years’ experience changing lives, building and supporting stronger communities and ultimately reducing crime. Working with disadvantaged adults and young people Nacro educate, house, advise and speak out for them when others can’t or won’t.
In 2017 – 2018 Nacro helped over 32,000 people across the UK providing vital services to ensure communities were well supported. Focusing on the future Nacro overcome barriers presented by individual criminal records and aim to help people move on from previous mistakes by building a good foundation for the future.

In addition, Nacro run training courses for young people who want to gain practical skills to get a job or who are not getting on at school in some cases. An adult aiming to improve their chances of finding work or an employer looking for training to support disadvantaged individuals can also get support.

Crime Stoppers

From community projects supporting regional challenges to launching global campaigns to highlight an issue, Crime Stoppers is an independent charity giving people the power to speak up and stop crime, 100% anonymously.

Crime Stoppers have helped to arrest 145,000 suspected individuals, recovered more than £140 million worth of goods and removed more than £347 million worth of drugs from our streets in the UK. At Crime Stoppers they believe everyone has the right to a safe and crime free environment, but many are scared they will be targeted if they provide information to the authorities. Their anonymous online support, and call lines 24/7, 365 days of the week provide a lifeline to many who feel isolated by crime in their community.

If you haven’t already checked out their ‘Community Conversations’ podcast head over to their site for the latest episodes and find out what support is available in a community near you.

Future Men

At Future Men their vision is to create a better future for every boy, every man and everyone. They work to inspire boys and men to become dynamic future individuals, giving them the confidence to discover what it means to be a man.

Founded in 1988 Future Men is a multi-award-winning charity supporting men and boys helping to tackle stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it is to be a man. Providing practice-led services, Future Men offer group, youth hubs and one-to-one sessions and outreach work offering vital support and advocacy to change lives.

If you’re an expectant dad be sure to check out their #Futuredad support groups hosted around London!

Steel Warriors

Steel Warriors is a charity dedicated to reducing the number of young people carrying knives in the UK. Each week over a tonne of knives are seized from London’s streets. Steel Warriors melt down these knives taken from the streets and recycle them to make outdoor calisthenics gyms. The first gym was opened in 2019 in Tower Hamlets and is already making a real difference to the community and providing a safe space for young adults.

Check out their video to find out more!

Chance UK

Chance UK is an effective and proven early intervention programme that changes the challenging behaviour of primary school-aged children through intensive mentoring and family support. Chance UK have a mission to support young children to avoid anti-social behaviour or criminal behaviour developing later in life.

Developing skills, confidence and providing life aspirations through nine- or twelve-month mentoring programmes help to empower children and change behaviours before they become more complex.
Chance UK also offer the opportunity to be a mentor on one of their programmes providing emotional support for children in a community near you.

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