In March 2019, PHA was made aware that Dr Anthony Lovat (OPRO founder) in partnership with Sport & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) had created an innovative new mouthguard that could measure and record head impact data in real-time. This revolutionary new mouthguard was called OPRO+ and would be launched on Saturday 27th April 2019 at the Principality Stadium, Cardiff. Ospreys and Cardiff Blues would take to the field wearing OPRO+ mouthguards during their Judgement Day match.

Until OPRO+, there had been no objective way to monitor all head impacts, to measure the force of impact and the rotation of the head as a result of the impact. OPRO+ addressed this issue through chips built into the mouthguard that record the head impact data of each player and send it in real-time to a laptop on the side-lines which can be seen by medical staff.

With just one month until the launch of OPRO+, we were tasked with putting together a communication strategy that would ensure the news of the new mouthguards made headlines and would not be diluted by match reports in the lead up to Judgement Day, one of the biggest weekends in British club rugby.


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