What influence means to me: TechLineHD

Linus, tech product reviewer and influencer, TechLineHD

“Influencer” is an interesting term. Some believe influencers are ‘internet people’ who somehow became popular and their opinion matters in one way or another, while others don’t really know what influencers actually do.

To me being an influencer means that I do what I love every single day – making technology videos for my YouTube channel, TechLine HD. However, ‘doing what you love’ still requires some work. This means every single day I’m working hard to increase the quality of my videos as well as replying to emails, interacting with my audience, attending trade shows and press conferences around the world.

When do I actually enjoy being an influencer? Every time I get feedback and questions from my audience because it means my opinion matters and that my viewers trust me. Every time I publish a new video, I receive a ton of support from the viewers and that keeps me going. Sometimes it motivates me to start making a new video right away.

I believe the influencers’ role in society is becoming bigger every year because people like personalities. Sure, traditional media outlets will always hold a place on the Internet, but I think their influence has already decreased dramatically because many people prefer watching online videos that are made by ‘ordinary guys who love tech’ or ‘average consumers just like them’.

Influencers also have a more personal approach. Sometimes viewers simply love watching videos because they like the personality of the creator and their unique style of presentation. For example, I have a fanbase that watches every video I make despite the fact they may not be interested in all the products I review. I believe that’s a huge advantage over traditional media outlets which are usually recognised as corporations.

When I first started making YouTube videos, I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep it up for. It was more like an experiment. I wanted to express my love for gadgets, so I started reviewing every device I had. I saw YouTube as the perfect platform four years ago and I still think the same today.

With online videos becoming more and more popular, partnered with my passion, I see myself as a bigger influencer in the future, to match the growing demand for tech products.

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