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Veganism in 2021 – taking a bite out of the meat-free market

Consumers across the UK are embracing plant-based and flexitarian diets more than ever. With pioneering new project developments, we are seeing the veganism lifestyle choice grow at a rapid rate.

A review by Live Kindly reported that one in 10 British children aged 8-16 are now vegetarian or vegan, choosing to switch their diet choices for animal welfare, environmental and health reasons. Veganuary hit a record number of signups this year with nearly 583,000 participants globally, and 85% of them with the intention to make the permanent change.

2021 has seen brands and businesses embrace this change in consumer behaviour and we have started to see big investments made to support the shift. Asda recently announced dedicating an entire aisle in their stores to plant-based products, M&S launched their first famous dine-for-two 100% vegan range, and fast-food chain Burger King, switched one of their stores to 100% plant-based burgers for the week.

With so much activity in the industry, if your business is vegan or looking to launch a vegan service or range, what are the best communications strategies to employ, and how can you ensure they drive maximum impact for your investment? We take a look at some must-try marketing strategies to add to your mix.

Plant based PR

Working with the right PR professionals to support your communications plans is important whether you’re reviewing your brand position, refining messaging, or planning the next product launch. Identifying the correct network and tapping into media contacts to PR your vegan business can drive ROI for your business.

Brand loyalty comes when customers feel a connection and refining your communications strategy by placing authentic stories can support the growth of your community of loyal customers and brand advocates. Placing and promoting the right narrative is a great way of building that connection.

Creative activations are also an excellent way to increase your share of voice and brand awareness. However, also consider the importance of a robust press office. Whether that is driving reviews, case study placements, educational and thought leadership articles, as well as journalist endorsements. This broad mix of activity can help you to reaffirm your messaging as a company in an authentic and trustworthy way.

Vegan influencer marketing

Product reviews and vegan influencers provide you with an authentic way of reaffirming the quality of your product or service. This trusted community has a core captive audience and is a good way for you to promote what your business can offer your customers by a trusted source. Make sure you research and connect with the right accounts for your brand. Working with an agency or agent will allow you to pre-agree terms, including data sharing, access insights into the engagement of their community and work with the influencer to showcase your brand in the right way.

Remember, when it comes to creativity, influencers know what gets the best results from their followers. Trust their input and work collaboratively to get the result you’re after.

Social media marketing

There are so many opportunities when it comes to using social media. Used in the right way, it is a great way for you to amplify your company voice and tap into a broader audience outside your current customer base. Engaging, linking, and following with likeminded individuals, companies and groups will increase your social voice and drive traffic to your site.

Instilling loyalty and sharing your customers stories, reviews and experiences through user generated content is an authentic way of marketing your business and rewarding and celebrating your customers.

Keeping an eye on trends and discussions in the social arena is also important. This can help inform your content strategy, and make sure you’re tailoring your offering to any market demands or shifts. Analytics tools on your social channels can provide a lot of information so working with an expert who knows how to action that data can be effective.

Grow and connect – paid advertising

For your business to continue to grow, and to increase the reach and exposure of your content, investing in paid social media activity can be a worthwhile task. There are a number of strategies you can employ, from boosting posts to your followers to encourage social share, to targeting look-a-like customers to your loyal base. However, an effective ROI activity can be to retarget customers who have recently been to your site with educational, product or thought provoking content to get them to a stage where they are ready to make a purchase. Getting consultancy, or working with a paid for professional can be worthwhile to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

If your business is looking for support with a well thought through communication strategy, get in touch with our team to find out how we could work with you.

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