The tutoring companies supporting the education sector

With January mock exams around the corner and GCSE and A-Levels not far away, many students and their parents are turning to tutor companies across the UK to help make up for the learning that was inhibited by the pandemic.  Months of lockdown caused a major shift in the way educational support is consumed and many tutoring companies had to pivot and offer digital-first solutions to their clients across the country.

With this being the first year that exams return in their previous form the demand for additional support will be higher than ever and many parents will be on the lookout for businesses that can help their kids learn.  

In this article, we take a look at the leading tutor companies supporting the learning of students across the UK.  

Explore Learning 

Based in Guildford, Surrey, Explore Learning has become one of the leading providers within the tutoring market. Offering a hybrid model of tutoring both in the Explore centres and online, Explore Learning is designed to support and help improve academic ability through curriculum led tuition, specialising in Maths and English and regularly hosting competitions such as the Explore Learning Writers awards as well as carrying out live lessons.  

Having recently celebrated their 20th anniversary, the company has gone from strength to strength and have recently partnered with Disney. As the online tutoring industry develops and demand for educational support continues to grow, Explore Learning will be one to watch. 

Fleet Tutors 

Having been established for over 40 years, Fleet Tutors has specialised in educational services, enabling students to excel in their academic performance. The company offers services across different levels such as GCSE, A-level and university with options including home tutoring, online and summer school. Fleet Tutors also offers tailored tutoring to children with a variety of needs with sessions being conducted face to face and online. 

Having worked with a third of local UK authorities and a number of schools nationwide, the company has grown to become one of the most reputable within the UK education space and supported over 100,000 students in their learning. 

Atom Learning 

On a mission to provide “world-class education for all children” Atom Learning is an educational online learning platform. The platform offers three packages including core curriculum, exam preparation and exam preparation plus all targeted towards 7–12-year-olds across the KS2 national curriculum.  

Atom Learning currently has over 100 employees and has shown incredible growth over the past two years with employee numbers rocketing by 414%. The company recently launched in the US as their first international market with the next few months set to be hugely exciting for the firm.  


Founded in 2012, Yipiyap is a tutoring service that partners with schools and colleges allowing a variety of services to propel their students’ academic learning. The educational company allows partner schools to select which year groups need extra support, as well the number of lessons they require and the subject(s) of choice for the full academic year. 

In November 2021, Yipiyap launched an initiative, Yipiyap On Demand which includes 100+ videos on GCSE Maths and English for their 5000+ active users. The firm has partnerships with schools across the country, the aim for Yipiyap will now be to build on their success and establish themselves further as one of the leading tutor platforms within the UK. 

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