We try…. RIDE at Digme Fitness

As part of the PHA 30/30 challenge, I decided to check out the renowned RIDE class at Digme Fitness in Moorgate. It is described on the website as ‘45 minutes of the best indoor cycling imaginable’ – understandably my expectations were high.

Conveniently located just a couple of minutes from Moorgate tube station, I arrived at the studio with plenty of time to collect my cycling shoes and get myself set up on the bike.

The spin studio itself is amazing and the Keiser M3i bikes are the most stylish and modern that I have ever seen in a spin class.

Each of the bikes has a small screen that lets you know your watts, RPM and heart rate throughout the duration of the ride. The gears are also displayed on the screen and are adjusted using a lever that you pull up and down, rather than the traditional handle. This makes it easy to know which gear you are sitting in and how hard you are working.

The bikes are connected to two large flat screen TVs at the front of the studio, which show each member of the class racing virtually through different mountainous landscapes.  All the bikes are assigned a specific number that corresponds to a virtual cyclist on the screen and this means you can follow your bike as it cycles along. You know exactly how well you are doing compared to the others in the class… zero slacking allowed!

At first, I was slightly nervous about the two large screens in front of me and the data popping up on the screen as I started to pedal. However, during the warm-up any apprehension, I had quickly disappeared as our instructor, Chloe, talked us through what all the data meant and what we should be aiming for throughout the ride.

When we were ready to go, Chloe led the class through 40 minutes of brutal hill climbs and sprint training, all set to a series of motivational tracks and flashing lights. We finished the gruelling 40-minute session with a tough 3-minute challenge which involved each member of the class trying to cycle as far as they could within the time limit. It’s safe to say that I was exhausted and dripping with sweat.

Immediately after the session, I was surprised to check my emails to find a full summary of my ride sitting in my inbox – calories burned, average watts, RPM and heart rate. It’s a great way to help track the progress you are making as the weeks and months go by.

The RIDE class is perfect for those with a competitive streak. Personally, I loved being able to see where you are ranked against everyone else in the class – it was great motivation, especially when you felt like you had nothing left to give!

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