Top health and wellness products to boost happiness

The importance of mental health and general well-being continues to gain momentum in both personal and professional spheres. Many consumers are considering more ethically sourced products and are turning to meditation, mindfulness and healthy food and drink alternatives to ensure they stay happy and content in their daily lives.

We explore the brands that are helping consumers to integrate a moment of mindfulness into daily life.


As Google Play Editor’s Choice 2018 and Apple’s App of the Year 2017, Calm has become the must-have app when considering mindfulness and meditation. With 50 million downloads and 700,000 5-star reviews, Calm provides a platform to help users sleep better and reduce stress and anxiety with the help of guided meditations, soothing music, and bedtime stories.

Their successful debut into TV advertising in 2018 presented inner monologues from people who have used the app in their hectic lives. The adverts present a supportive and sincere message, providing viewers with a reason to download the app and learn more about its benefits.

This Works: sleep plus+ pillow spray

This Works provides skincare, a body and bath range and sleep sprays, created by the former Beauty Director of Vogue UK, Kathy Phillips, who is an expert in all thing’s beauty and fitness.

This year, the sleep and skincare brand went beyond the usual marketing campaign and used voice to promote their brand and products. This Works partnered with Send Me A Sample, prompting consumers with voice devices to request a sample of This Work’s famous pillow spray via Google’s Home Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

The Original Oatley 

The Original Oatley milk is a popular dairy-free, vegan-friendly milk substitute. The environmentally conscious company has been consistently untraditional in its marketing and advertising tactics and, undoubtedly, it’s working.

Their famous campaign ‘It’s like milk, but made for humans’, has been considered by some to be controversial, however, Oatley maintains they are promoting their dairy-free option by encouraging consumers to think differently.

The brand has also taken an out of the box approach via ‘unadvertising’. Disrupting advertising norms, Oatley displayed a range of billboard ads stating copy such as ‘We spent an insane amount of money on this fancy billboard. Hope someone interested in oats sees it.’ The humour and honesty within Oatley’s marketing undeniably allows the brand to stand out from their competitors.

NEOM: Oil Diffuser

After a successful yet hectic career in journalism, Nicola Elliott decided to launch a product for others with busy lifestyles to encourage well-being, reduce stress, boost energy and lift moods.

In their most recent campaign NEOM has requested their users to send in stories explaining when and why they reach for their ‘NEOM hero’ to get them through the day. Successful entries will become part of NEOM’s upcoming, special campaign and demonstrates how NEOM consistently puts their users’ experience at the forefront of the brand’s ethos. A nice way to incorporate user generated content, as well, providing authenticity and trust.

English Tea Shop 

English Tea Shop is an organic tea company with ethics at the heart of the organisation. When purchasing their products, you become part of their ‘shared value’ policy where they pay Sri Lankan farmers, who produce their tea, above Fairtrade minimum price.

Since its launch in 2010 the company has rapidly entered 50 markets worldwide and most recently, they have revitalised their brand identity and packaging, ensuring this reflects their commitment to celebrating communities from ‘farm to cup’. Selling over 350 million tea bags a year and with plans to double turnover in the UK in five years, the tea-selling business sees no sign of waning.

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