Top alternative investment platforms to watch in 2021

Traditionally alternative investments have been known to be less volatile compared to more conventional investments on the stock market and given the last year we’ve all experienced, stability isn’t such a bad thing.

But what really counts as an alternative investment? Investopedia suggests that an alternative investment is any investment other than the three traditional asset classes that are stocks, bonds or cash.

Some popular examples of alternative investments include gold, art, private properties and even fine wines. As alternative investments continue to become a more popular choice with investors, we thought we would share some light on four businesses who are operating within this space.


Established in 2012, Buy2LetCars is a one-of-a-kind proposition offering high returns on three-year investments funding lease cars in the UK. Simply put, vehicles are funded by investors and those vehicles are then leased to people looking for a fairer deal.

By offering fixed rates from 7% to 11% per annum, the company offers individuals a better rate of return than that offered by mainstream deposit accounts, ISAs or fixed bonds.

Since its inception in 2012, the business has delivered up to 27% return of investment to all their investors over a three-year period.


Disrupters in the investment world, alternative asset investment platform CoInvestor connects financial advisers and fund managers with investors all through one digital investment platform.

With just a few clicks, investors can begin their investment journey, currently, the platform has opportunities ranging from sectors in Biotechnology to Sports Entertainment and Education.

It’s free of charge to investors to set up an account and they can rest easy in the knowledge that the platform is FCA regulated and maintains market-leading security processes with enterprise-grade data storage and security.

Hunter Jones

Established in 2013, Hunter Jones are on a mission to be the UK’s leading introducer of alternative property investments by the year 2024. The business believes that property still remains one of the most popular forms of investing for consumers, given the returns available in the UK market.

Essentially Hunter Jones introduces high-net-worth individuals and investors to highly researched dependable, new-generation property loan note opportunities.

Thrive Renewables

Since 1994, Thrive Renewables has specialised in connecting people to sustainable energy.

Initially, the company was first created by Triodos Bank as a direct response to the Chernobyl disaster that had tragically taken place 8 years beforehand, to highlight the public interest in renewable energy.

The fund’s objective was to enable ordinary people to invest directly in the development of renewable energy projects in the UK.

This has always remained the unique purpose of the business and in 2016, the company became independent and rebranded to Thrive Renewables.

Their mission for the future is to power the transition to a sustainable energy future by helping people meaningfully connect with clean energy projects.

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