Top 10 Food Blogs 2016

The food blogging community has grown hugely in recent years and is becoming an increasingly saturated market, so how do you stand out from the crowd? We take a look at 10 of the most interesting and innovative, and what they do that earns them a special place in our hearts, and stomachs.

The Art of Plating

Bio: The Art of Plating does what it says on the tin, although there is certainly nothing on this blog that can be conjured from a tin. Their blog is a holy grail of Michelin-level insights, reviews and tips, paired beautifully with an Instagram album devoted to precision and design in cooking.

Why we love it: Involving finesse and very steady hand from start to finish, this blog captures the aesthetic of modern culinary culture and lends a little inspiration to any brave home cooks looking to elevate their plates.

Eat like a Girl

Bio: Niamh is living our dream, travelling the world, eating fantastic food, reviewing and curating recipes and keeping it all down to earth, so it’s palatable to even the newest of foodies.

Why we love it: Niamh has covered every conceivable topic, country, cuisine and dietary requirement in the book, and she does it all with the same enthusiasm, simplicity and beautiful imagery in every post.


Bio: LondonFixr is a recent innovation in restaurant concierge services in London. Headed up by Mikey Williams, a London-based student, they provide bespoke restaurant recommendations and a food blog to die for.

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Why we love it: They do the hard work for us, a few minutes scrolling through their latest Instagram posts produces enough options to cater for every birthday dinner you can dream of, imagine what they can find when it’s personalised to you.

Symmetry Breakfast

Bio: An oldie in blogger years, but definitely still a goodie! Mark and Michaels breakfasts haven’t faltered over the years, and neither has our interest in them.

Why we love it: They provide endless variation and inspiration, from open faced smorgasbord to shakshuka or the humble pancake, and they’re involved with some really brilliant campaigns like #CookForSyria.

Boxed Ideas & Naomi Twigden 

Bio: Naomi and Anna founded food delivery start-up ‘Lunch Bxd’ in 2014, where they provided healthy and delicious lunches delivered to your desk. Naomi has gone on to create breathtakingly vibrant but balanced recipes, both for her own cookbook and a number of well known brands. She displays these on her personal blog, and on BoxedIdeas with Anna.

Why we love it: Anna and Naomi show us how to fall in love with vegetables and make the most of our packed lunches, with a focus on using up leftover or unloved ingredients. Great for punchy lunches you can throw together in no time at all.

Maja Vase  

Bio: Maja Vase, or the aptly named @majachocolate on Instagram, is a Danish blogger with a flair for the fancy. You may have to get Google to do the legwork on some translating, but it is so worth it to get involved in her gorgeous creations.

Why we love it: Normally when you see an immaculately presented cake that looks too good to be true, it is. The image sits there in front of you tantalisingly with no guide to how you might replicate this in your own home. Maja is the godsend that lets you have your cake and eat it.

Top With Cinnamon

Bio: Izy Hossack is a 19 year old Londoner whose blog is jam packed full of delightfully colourful healthy and alternative recipes. Whether it’s eggless cookie dough ice cream, or steamed mussels with a black bean, coconut and ginger broth, Izy wows in her recipes, photographs and some really satisfying gifs.

Why we love it: She’s created a blog that is everything we could hope it to be; fun, informative, easy to follow and a visual delight.

Serious Eats

Bio: Serious Eats works from a ‘science of home cooking’ angle, here Ed Levine, Kenji Lopez & Co. have employed this technique to incredible effect, allowing Serious Eats to become the self-proclaimed “world’s most trusted authority on deliciousness”.

Why we love it: Their guidance on techniques, as well as recipes, is something invaluable to any blossoming chef. Articles range from how to make the perfect omelette, to a complete guide on cooking lobster, and having tried and tested plenty we can confirm, they’re never wrong.

We Are Food

Bio: Anna Jones writes for the Guardian, the Pool and runs her own blog. She’s been a food stylist for Ottolenghi and Jamie Oliver, where she first entered the world of food.

Why we love it: Vegetables are the centre of her world and table, and she makes us want to replicate this. Her commitment to healthy eating and living is infectious and delicious.

Clerkenwell Boy

Bio: Business Insider named him London’s top food Instagram star, and we’re inclined to agree. A blog celebrating what London’s food scene has to offer, the mysterious Clerkenwell Boy gives an insight into culinary delights found anywhere from pop-ups to Michelin Star instiutions.

Why we love it: His seemingly insatiable appetite provides us with a steady stream of a-grade content, and all within a stones throw from the office, lunchtime travel made worthwhile.

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