The UK companies pioneering the Cleantech agenda

Since 2018, tech investment has been fast growing in the UK increasing by 160% in comparison to the US who experiences 15% growth. One of the most significant areas of growth within this is the ‘Cleantech’ sector and businesses that have the core goal to improve environmental sustainability. A third of all overseas investment in cleantech has been granted to companies in the North, sometimes dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the UK.

With 950 cleantech companies in the UK alone, 47.6% of them are in the seed investment stage with the challenge of scaling in front of them. However, there is a huge opportunity for cleantech businesses to capitalise on the media interest in sustainability, tell their stories, and position themselves at the forefront of this movement.

We look at five cleantech businesses that are setting trends in the tech sector by leading the innovative green strategies.


Based in Leeds, TreeCard launched to help put an end to the climate crisis and tackle deforestation across the Globe. TreeCard is an impact-first business, with 80% of their profits going towards reforestation projects.

The company itself provide a free top-up debit card that can be accessed virtually and through a sustainable material debit card. Once a customer signs up, they can download an app that links to all their current bank accounts. Through this app, they can monitor their spending and manage their money. Every single time a customer spends money, a portion of their card transaction is put towards planting. In February 2021 the business raised £3.9M in seed funding to help support their continued growth 🌱.

Upside Energy

Upside Energy is a Manchester based cleantech company that launched in 2014 with a vision to enable people to make greener energy choices.

Upside Energy help people to transform their way of life by creating digital solutions that are in support of smart energy management systems. In 2017 they raised £2.5M from both the UK Government and Innovate UK to help them carry out their mission, and in 2020 were acquired by tech unicorn Octopus Energy.

The company has developed an integrated system using home battery systems, intelligent hot water tanks, and cloud-based Demand Side Responsive Services to provide a more balanced service to the industry which is currently struggling. Their technology eases that peak-time pressure by connecting a range of common devices to help customers.


Curveblock is a property fintech company with a green mission. Founded in 2018 in Leeds, the business has continued to thrive by pioneering both the ‘Shared Economy’ and ‘Net Zero, Energy Positive Real Estate’ sectors.

The firm’s core goal is to resolve a crisis that has been getting increasingly worse in the last couple years. With property prices rising higher than wages, and demand outweighing supply Curveblock want to help support those who want to invest in green initiatives and support property development.

The business provides a platform that uses the most up-to-date technology to enable people to invest small to large amounts of their money into property development projects, and in return they receive a share of the profits. This helps people in so many ways from managing money, saving for a house, and investing in projects that are ecofriendly.


OLIO is a Global food sharing app that was founded in 2015 with the mission to reduce food waste. The company believes that reducing food waste is the most powerful thing humans can do to fight against the climate crisis.

OLIO’s platform consists of an app that connects neighbours and local businesses so surplus food can be shared with one another and not thrown away. It’s not just food that’s on offer, but household items too. OLIO is very easily navigated and makes it so the smallest of actions can lead to a big change towards a more sustainable society.

OLIO is funded by many investors, but one of the biggest ones being Rubio Impact Ventures… A venture fund focused on business enterprises that have a positive impact on both society and the environment.


Energym is a fitness-focused cleantech company that was founded in 2018 with the mission to work towards a fitter and healthier planet. This company focuses on empowering people to exercise for themselves, and the environment to help make a collective change for the benefit of the planet.

Energym used technology to build clean energy generating gym equipment which turns workouts, or ‘human power’, into usable electrical power. This company has developed the word’s first ever indoor bike that converts the energy that someone produces from their workouts into reusable power, with an efficiency of up to 95%. A truly innovative and new type of sustainable power.

With this company’s technology, Energym believes in unlocking the potential of having a clean-energy generation with both individuals and businesses reducing their carbon footprint through Energym’s gym equipment.

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