The top 5 reasons you must promote your travel company NOW

According to the Association of British Travel Agent’s ‘Travel Trends’ report many Brits are planning to explore new destinations this year and consumer confidence is slowly returning to the holiday market.

This rise in demand represents a huge opportunity for the travel sector and increasingly brands are engaging in PR campaigns to raise their profiles and engage with their target market.

Yet surprisingly not all travel companies are aware of this rise in spending and so in this blog we thought we’d dispel the myth. Here are our top five reasons all travel brands need to raise their profiles now!

  1. It’s an increasingly crowded market

Travel is more popular than ever before and this rise in demand has seen a huge rise in the number of service providers in the sector. The increased popularity of online shopping and use of social platforms along with rapidly developing technology, is also contributing to the constant appearance of new companies – and this is not about to stop anytime soon.

For this reason, promoting your brand effectively and making sure the right people are aware of its existence and the benefits it can provide them, is essential. You could have the most fantastic and innovative service but if no one knows about it will not succeed.

  1. The economy is on the up

As the economy continues to grow and we see consumers spending habits change for the positive. Now is a great time to invest in raising awareness of your brand as returns can be seen very quickly providing the right marketing mix is being used.

Gaining consumers trust now and starting to develop a strong relationship with them will lead to loyalty for the future and a potentially very long-term client.

  1. Exchange rates are good

Exchange rates around the globe are also very strong at the moment with the Euro at 1.33 and the USA dollar at 1.5, meaning Brits will be looking to get their holidays booked sooner rather than later and change up their sterling to local currency to get the most for their money whilst they can.

It is important not to miss this opportunity, especially if your brand services the European or younger traveller.

  1. Catch those last minute buyers

Summer season is only just beginning and although many people would have booked their summer holidays months ago, a lot of people will also be looking to get away on last-minute trips and will not have got round to sorting out their summer ventures yet.

This provides a great opportunity to inspire people and influence their decisions. Whether your brand be a luxury cruise company or guidebook, by gaining media exposure now, potential customers will be able to read about your offerings and choose to get in touch to help shape their summer.

Equally, although the ski season is now over, many keen skiers will already be looking to the season ahead and planning what mountain range they want to tackle next year. Be at the forefront of their minds and again be there for them from the very start to help mould these decisions and make their lives as easy as they can possibly be. Clever PR can subtly teach consumers what you have that competitors don’t.

  1. The ever-popular gap year

Whether choosing to spend a period of time hopping from country to country, settling down to work in a ski resort for an entire season or signing yourself up for volunteer work, the ‘gap year’ is a phenomenon that is as popular as ever.

With students currently in the midst of exam season, very shortly leaving school or university, they will be thinking ahead to what the near future holds. May this be a summer off having fun with their friends, a steady stream of job applications or an extended period of time fulfilling a dream hey have always wished of and experiencing once in a life time opportunities, now is the time they will be planning.

By promoting your company the right way, you can tap into their channels and thoughts and reach this audience in a whole new way.

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