The technology powering virtual fitting rooms

Virtual fitting rooms are exactly as they sound, they allow shoppers to try on items from a different location. Traditionally, the technology works by superimposing an item on a live video feed of a customer, allowing the potential buyer to see how the item of clothing or accessory looks and fits before going ahead with the purchase.

In recent years there has been a growing consumer appetite for virtual fitting rooms, a study published in 2018, suggested that 82% of UK shoppers would buy online, but wanted to see how clothing would look on them prior to buying.

Virtual fitting rooms provide a solution to the consumers’ needs, and reports suggest uptake is up 6% since before the pandemic as it has meant users can avoid physical fitting rooms.

With the virtual fitting room market globally expected to be worth over $6.5 million by the year 2025, we’ve taken a look at some of the leading technology providers.


Reinventing the e-commerce experience is Obsess. Obsess is an augmented and virtual reality platform that allows brands and retailers alike to serve highly interactive, visual, and branded virtual stores without the use of an app or headset needed!

Obsess represents the future of e-commerce interface and its mission is to replace the tedious scrolling grid UI developed by Amazon decades ago.

Still in an infantcy as a business, Obsess’s client list is stacked with household names such as Dior, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Their founder, Neha Singh’s experience includes being Head of Product at VOGUE and a Senior Software Engineer at Google.

Style.Me’s 3D virtual and styling fitting room is one of the leading solutions on the market for businesses of all sizes.

The software allows customers to try on clothing, style outfits and find their perfect fit without leaving the website they are browsing. Their solution is easy to setup with no development required.

Users can create avatars by inputting a few simple measurements and body shape selections to find the best fit and size.

Aside from ground-breaking technology focused on virtual fitting rooms, Style.Me also enable designers to become metaverse-capable creators, build unique phygital experiences for brands and make fashion accessible for metaverse communities.


Founded in Belarus, WANNA is making fashion accessible for everyone through its cutting-edge technology. The concept, which is primarily focused on trainers (sneakers) allows users to find and try on their next pair through its unique software.

Simply by accessing the app, WANNA’s AR technology will position the shoes onto your feet and you can flick between the partnered brands selections.

Other global brands WANNA works with include Adidas, allbirds, Reebok and ASICS’s.

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