The rise of the femcare subscription box

After last year’s lockdown, our way of shopping changed, we started buying more subscription boxes which provided a convenient, flexible and personal shopping experience from the safety and comfort of your home – and usually offer a superior product to what’s on the supermarket shelves.

This is especially true of femcare brands – with everything from CBD infused products, organic cotton pads to ‘female-first’ razors now all readily available in subscription form.

We look at 4 femcare brands changing the way women are shopping for these types of products.

Founded by Valentina Milanova in 2018, DAYE is on a mission to raise the standards in female health products and services – and normalise the conversation around female reproductive health across genders, backgrounds, and economic status.

Recognising that period pain affects 9 in 10 women, their doctor-approved CBD-infused tampons are expertly designed to sooth cramps. They are also completely toxin-free and come in planet-friendly packaging. You can subscribe to a ready-made box or build your own and adjust the frequency of delivery to suit your cycle.

DAYE’s promise is to remain cheaper than organic tampons and period pain care bought separately. Their website also features lots of helpful articles on important female health topics.

FFS (aka Friction Free Shaving) is the first Razor Delivery Service designed exclusively for women. FFS recognised that for too long, women had to put up with low quality, plastic razors that were never designed for a woman’s body.

So, they designed the signature FFS metal-handled razor to remove most hairs in a single stroke. Their blade recycling scheme also means they are reducing the number of single use plastic disposable razors going to landfill.

FFS’s razor subscription is incredibly flexible; you can pause or cancel your delivery any time and change your delivery frequency to suit your need. Get started with FFS today for £9, and they will give you a FREE weighted metal razor handle in your choice of colour!

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Grace & Green 

It all started in the UK in 2014, after years of research and product development. The brand proposes an Essentials Collection – intelligently engineered hygiene made using 100% certified organic cotton. Grace & green proposes to buy the products as a one of or you can also build your subscription box depending on your needs each month. The packagings are simple and very effective using gentle colours. As well as pads and tampons, grace & Green also sell period cups.

But it’s not just products that the brand proposes, they also have a workplace initiative to make sure that everyone has access to their plastic-free products at work. It’s part of the happiness and wellbeing campaign. The idea? Having their products in every workplace bathrooms, so everyone can use them for free.


Ohne was founded by Leah and Nikki, two friends who decided to create the Femcare brand of their dreams. Ohne is a brand that fits all women and all type of period. Because yeah, we’re all different after all!

Very simple to create your subscription box, pick which products works for you, every pads or tampons are organic. You can also add some cycle care products including cramp oil, CBD hormones supplement or just a CBD chocolate bar to help you go through your cycle.

Ohne’s blog has some great content around CBD and how it works on hormones but also on period in general which is very useful tool to understand our body.

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