The perfect meat-replacement products for the summer

Motivated by sustainability, health and ethical concerns, global consumers are embracing vegan and flexitarian diets. In fact, a recent study conducted by FMCG Gurus finds that 51% of meat-eaters plan to eliminate or reduce meat in 2021.

Brands are now taking the vegan market very seriously with Asda becoming the first major UK supermarket chain to dedicate an aisle to ambient vegan products, and has launched a vegan butcher’s counter selling fresh plant-based meats. UK supermarket chain Tesco has recently committed to boosting sales of its meat alternative products by 300% by 2025.

From meaty mushroom burgers to hot dogs or faux-fish, we’re looking at the best vegan brands available in the UK.

The curators: For your BBQ party

Yes, the sun is finally shining, and we’re allowed to have friends over for some rosé and BBQ. But if you’re vegan, don’t worry, you can still have a delicious barbecue with The curators’ mushroom burgers. Juicy, savoury and subtly spiced, those burgers have the perfect texture. Packed with fiber and antioxidant thanks to the mushrooms, they will make any meat-eaters jealous so make sure you bring enough for everyone!

Meatless Farm: the best hot dogs

What would summer be without hot dogs or sausages on the BBQ? This year, maybe you could try Meatless Farm’s new hot dogs for a change. Meatless Farm Hot Dogs are easy to cook and packed with that traditional smokey flavour and meaty texture. Now you just have to decide whether to keep it simple with ketchup and mustard or go gourmet with next level accompaniments!

Heura: plant-based chicken that tastes even better

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100% plant-based chicken brought to you by the good people at Heura foods. Originating in Barcelona, these ultra-realistic chicken replacements are made out from soy protein and water. With no additives or preservatives and high in fiber, protein, iron, and magnesium. The Spanish brand has just launched its products in the UK which you can find in Planet Organic and the Vegan Kind.

Moving Mountain: The new family favourite

Fish Fingers and baked beans, the ultimate comfort food if you ask me! If you’ve watched Seaspiracy recently, fish might be on your radar, and you might want to reduce your consumption. You can thank Moving Mountain for sorting out your Tuesday night with their new plant-based Fish Fingers. These flavourful fingers have a succulent flaky texture and are wrapped in crunchy golden breadcrumbs. Cherry on the cake, you won’t find any mercury or micro plastics and it generates less greenhouse gas emissions and requires less resources to make than animal meat.

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