The Men’s makeup brands forcing attitudinal change and its founders

By 2024 the global men’s grooming market is estimated to be worth 81.2 billion U.S dollars. One segment of personal care that is currently booming and has significantly contributed to the market growth is men’s makeup. We shine a spotlight on three UK brands that have contributed to the market’s success.

Shakeup cosmetics

Sculpting the men’s make-up industry as we know it, shakeup cosmetics is a UK based brand that offers products specifically designed for men’s skin. With their statistics showing men have 25% thicker skin than females, the brand is on a mission to break down barriers and have different products which have skincare benefits alongside targeting different areas. One of which is “Eye Eye Captain” – a liquid concealer that reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and is fit for all skin types.

Shakeup cosmetics was founded by twin brothers Shane Carnell-Xu and Jake Xu. The duo founded the company after noticing a lack of variety and choice for products specifically for men. Both brothers have visionary predictions for the brand and are aiming to build a brand on a global scale whilst becoming the “leaders in men’s beauty”.

War Paint for Men

Based in London, War Paint for Men has shown astronomical success since its conception in 2018. Founder Daniel Gray created the brand based on his personal story, the entrepreneur suffers from body dysmorphia and after seeing the benefits makeup brought to his self-confidence, and noticing a lack of men’s only makeup brands, he took the plunge and launched his business catered towards the male market.

For first time users, War Paint offer a sample set priced at £6 which allows you to try their easy-to-use products and lets users see the benefits first-hand. Although originally agreeing on a deal of £70,000 worth of investments from two of the dragons on Dragon’s Den, including former PHA client Tej Lalvani, War Paint ultimately decided to reject the offer and go alone. As of 2021, War Paint opened a world-first men’s makeup store demonstrating their belief and has generated significant interest in the brand. With the competition now increasing in the market, it will be interesting to see the plans for innovation and the future of War Paint.


Established in 2011 by founder and current group president, Alex Dalley, MMUK is a British-bred men’s makeup brand that has created its own range to boost men’s self-confidence with its current best-seller the BB cream which has been dubbed the “Swiss army knives of male grooming” combining healthy skincare and the advantage of cosmetics. The brand describes itself as “Masculine, captivating and unparalleled” demonstrating the strong belief in their products which are aimed to cater to all types of makeup enthusiasts.

After seeing the rise in men’s make-up for a considerable amount of time, MMUK is a brand that has contributed towards the growth of the market with their core consumer market consisting of men aged between 19-30. With the increase of social media and gradual change in traditional thinking helping to dissect views of men’s makeup, the brand has a bright future and shall continue to grow further within the industry.

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