Online grocery delivery – the four brands driving a thriving market

The online grocery delivery market is one that has displayed gigantic growth over the last few years. The impact of COVID-19 and lockdown within the UK undeniably contributed as a huge factor for the dramatic growth of this industry. In 2019, only an estimated 10% of male and female shoppers in the UK purchased food over the internet, fast forward to 2021 and over 40% of shoppers claimed they would continue with online shopping.

With that in mind, we look at some of the best UK grocery delivery platforms and understand how they shine in a competitive market:


Beelivery is a UK, 24-hour grocery delivery service based in London. With some orders being delivered in as little as 15 minutes, the innovative company has revolutionised the modern relationship between groceries and consumers. Using advanced algorithms in their new GPS technology, Beelivery has plans to expand by acquiring 50,000 drivers in areas such as Cambridge, London and Inverness.

Beelivery has eclipsed over 90% coverage nationwide and seeks to gain 450,000 new customers in the next two years. Earlier this year the grocery delivery service secured a 4.5m investment to accelerate growth plans and offerings to consumers.


Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020, Weezy is the UK’s “first on-demand supermarket” aiming to reinvent the European grocery market. Although a newcomer in the grocery delivery market, the brand has gained attention through its services and recently raised $20 million through investors Left lane capital.

One major difference that sets Weezy apart is they do not follow the gig economy model, unlike their competitors. Weezy delivery drivers are paid hourly as opposed to per delivery, as well as being able to access holiday and pension contributions. With 20 fulfillment centers in areas across the country and big goals to expand further, it will be interesting to see how Weezy contributes to this fast-growing sector.

Appy Shop

Appy shop launched in 2018 and are an online grocery delivery platform offering both deliveries alongside click and collect services on groceries. The cloud-based platform has shown tremendous growth since last year and has partnered with companies such as TSG UK, Unitas Wholesale and earlier this year partnered with Costcutter.

The app offers a variety of key benefits to its retail partners such as an interactive dashboard that provides quick access to your online store, real-time delivery driver information and finally, automated updates to the consumer which ensures a more pleasurable and open experience for both the customer and retail partner.

Jiffy Grocery

Jiffy is an online supermarket app designed to replace “the supermarket slog”. Having only began their upstart in April their delivery services have not hesitated in their growth with eight existing stores and are delivering in boroughs within central, south-east and south-west London.

Co-founder Vladimir Kholiaznikov’s reiterated the growth plans for Jiffy, claiming the goal is to become a “nationwide company”. In September 2021, the on-demand delivery service raised $28m in series A funding round. With an existing customer base of 20,000 users, the recent news of funding will be observed with great interest.

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