The education recruitment companies combatting the jobs crisis

‘The Great Resignation’ is a major news story in the current climate and recruitment companies have consequently seen a huge surge in clients requiring their services. Vacancies hit 2.68 million in November with secondary school teaching jobs one of the most in-demand. In this piece, we look at the education recruitment companies working to solve the current crisis. 

Prospero Teaching 

Prospero Teaching is an award-winning education recruitment agency formed in 2000, specialising in placing teachers and support staff across Nursery, primary and secondary schools. Filling both short-term staff shortages and also permanent vacancies, Prospero Teaching aims to provide a pool of candidates for roles in as little as 24-48 hours. 

With over sixteen national offices and 3000 established clients, the agency has firmly built a presence as one of the leaders in the education recruitment space and in 2021 was mentioned in ‘The Times’ top 100 companies to work for. 

Vibe Teaching 

Founded in 2001, Vibe Teaching has a vision to “Inspire better education”. The business places teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors across schools in London. Unlike other education recruitment agencies, the company is built up of teachers and who regularly teach across London’s schools. 

The company’s 250+ employees have developed a strong reputation within the market with 70% of inbounds coming as a direct response to word-of-mouth referrals. The firm has also built a 9.6 rating on RAATA. As one of the most experienced agencies in the UK, Vibe Teaching will look to continue its success throughout 2022.  

Engage Education 

Having formed in 2008, Engage Education has built an international presence, selecting teachers across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and helping them gain teaching roles within the UK. The education recruitment agency has demonstrated real growth, filling over 100,000 positions since its conception and sourcing more than 1000 international teachers. 

Engage Education also offers a two-year paid salary route into teaching. The teacher training programme allows a flexible post-graduate scheme that enables individuals to get hands-on practical experience which will end in attaining an internationally recognised PGCE teaching qualification.  

Monarch Education Recruitment 

Monarch Education is a specialist recruitment company designed to help teachers across all years attain employment. Utilising its partnerships with schools over a twenty-five-year span (and counting) the company has established itself as one of the leading education recruitment companies within the UK. 

The Birmingham based company also offers an exclusive CPD Supply Toolkit providing their candidates with opportunities to develop their skillset in behaviour management, support children’s mental health as well as improve their ability to identify the characteristics of children with learning difficulties. 

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