The EdTech companies driving innovation in primary education

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown restrictions forced not only business but also education onlinewith students across the country taking to home learning with the help of innovative software solutions provided by a raft of EdTech brands.  

With this mass transition to online learning, it’s no surprise that mobilising towards a more digital learning experience will become a permanent feature when it comes to supporting students. While the threat of lockdown has not entirely vanished, the potential benefits of a more digital learning experience have meant that primary schools and parents alike have invested in several tools that provide real value for younger learners.  

Here are a few of the unique, pioneering companies that are paving the way for innovation in the primary education sector. 


ClassDojo is a networking and communication app designed to help connect teachers and parents by streamlining children’s educational journey. Now boasting over 130 employees within the company, the classroom management software allows for instant communication by overcoming issues such as cross-language barriers through the form of auto-translation. The app is also 100% free to use for teachers, schools, and families. 

With an impressive 11% headcount growth in the last six months, the company has continued to grow since its conception in 2011 and through its innovative product is likely to continue to do so over the coming months. 


Labelled as “The world’s largest community for language learning” to more than 100 million worldwide users. The online language e-learning platform offers several benefits such as personalised study plans, the choice between one to one lessons or group lessons and finally bespoke designed courses by experts which have proven to work four times faster than traditional learning methods according to the University of Maryland. 

The e-learning platform has proven to be popular and has been featured on the Google play store as an editors’ choice app. Additionally, Busuu was ranked in the Global EdTech 50 which consists of the transformational EdTech brands collectively shaping the modern way of learning. 


Founded in 2015, Tutorful is an online education company that connects parents and students with their perfect tutor. Users have access to choose between the platform’s large database of tutors and can connect with them through messaging or requesting a free video call. The booking process is simple and intentionally designed to make payments for lessons, easy. 

Tutoring on the platform is available through a variety of subjects such as English, computing, languages and has a designated section to support students requiring special educational needs. 

Tutorful has shown impressive growth in a highly competitive EdTech industry and now boasts over 1100 employees. This year the company transitioned to online-only tutoring which proved a great success in the midst of the pandemic consequently leading to a 400% year on year increase in lessons. Having recently won Prolific North’s EdTech Innovation Award the future certainly looks bright for the innovative E-learning platform. 


In the wake of the pandemic, technological solutions have been pushed to their limits and the realm of VR has never been more important, enter: Musemio. 

The research-backed, mobile app and culture-based VR adventures allow children to explore history and the arts. Coined ‘the museum built by your child’s imagination’, this platform is as enthralling as it sounds. Musemio’s unique educational, interactive and immersive solution enables children to explore their imagination and get creative in an environment that lockdown can prohibit. The headsets and learning kits mean children (and parents!) can travel to different worlds and cultures with just a simple app, so all users can enjoy an immersive experience while they learn. With lockdown measures having lifted, Musemio’s innovative VR platform still has immense potential, transporting learners to different worlds and providing a completely different educational experience.  

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