The edtech companies driving innovation in education

When COVID-19 hit, it has to be said that the UK pulled its socks up pretty fast and adapted fairly easily to an online way of working. Businesses have put systems in place so employees can work from home, and universities and schools have made provisions to teach and upskill swiftly online.

With this mass transition to online working and learning, it’s no surprise that mobilising towards a more digital learning experience could be here to stay. Schools and universities have invested in tools to help their students that could still be incredibly useful, even after we return to normality.

There is undoubtedly a long way to go, and many teachers, students, parents, alumni, academics and professors will need time to fully embrace digital learning. However with some of the tools available today, we can see why it seems that the UK could be well on its way to becoming an adopter of edtech.

Here are a few of the unique, pioneering companies who are paving the way for innovation in education and keep our students, parents and teachers on the ball in 2020.

Duolingo is a sleek, easy to use platform that is based on science. The free resource is backed by stars including Ashton Kutcher and Tim Ferris, and boasts a fun and accessible interface for everyone around the world. It enables users to learn 30+ languages as if they’re playing a game. With its standout content, real-life communication and personalisation, Duolingo has undoubtedly been a gamechanger in lockdown and beyond.

Sophia, which describes itself as a “first-of-its-kind social education platform that is changing education by providing students many ways to learn individual academic concepts”, offers over 38,000 academic tutorials. It covers a variety of subjects for students in middle school, high school and college. In response to COVID, Sophia was made free to universities, school districts, employers and the general public throughout July of this year so everyone could continue their education journey.  This is what we like to see, and the platform will definitely be one to watch.

For those looking for a resource that combines world-class universities with insights from industry experts, they need look no further than Future Learn. It works with the likes of King’s College London, British Council, Institut Français de la Mode and University of Michigan to share their experiences with students through videos, articles, quizzes and discussions.  Subjects range from Literature and Teaching to Business Management and Law, and allows its students to study flexibly, whether for a short course or a full degree.

Teachit is another innovative e-learning resource that was created for teachers, by teachers. The platform has a plethora of reserves and covers all the core subjects to help children reach the stage they need to. The platform currently reaches 60 million children, parents and teachers each month in the UK and US, providing high-quality resources that are educational and entertaining. Everything created and shared is checked by qualified teachers, and the impressive resources range from KS3 all the way through to GCSE, providing young minds with much needed interaction and stimulation at an important stage in their learning.

In the uncertain times we’re in, the importance of flexibility cannot be understated. That’s where Milk, My Interactive Learning Kit  comes in. The home learning solution for hybrid schooling is a powerhouse that reduces admin and costs, and streamlines the workload of students and teachers. It’s no secret that coronavirus has brought many more costs to bear, so this money-saving platform is a great solution for everyone, whether in school or learning from home. The platform has a built-in comprehensive communications solution to create an inclusive arena for everyone, and has a dashboard where everyone can easily monitor achievement data to ensure everyone is on track.

Of course, in the wake of the pandemic, technological solutions have been pushed and explored, and the realm of VR has never been more important or transferable.

One such business in this sector, who are worth getting really excited about, are Musemio. They use research-backed, mobile app and culture-based VR adventures to allow children to explore history and arts. Coined ‘the museum built by your child’s imagination’, this platform is as enthralling as it sounds. Musemio’s unique educational, interactive and immersive solution enables children to explore their imagination and get creative in an environment that lockdown can prohibit. The headsets and learning kits mean children (and parents!) can travel to different worlds and cultures with just a simple app, so all users can enjoy an immersive experience while they learn.

For a lot of us, the coronavirus pandemic has been tricky to navigate as we stumble on to the new normal, but educational, credible and entertaining platforms like these edtech businesses have made it that much easier for us all to simulate an illusion of reality while we get to grips with constant change.

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