The consequences of an ‘indecent’ Tweet

Image Courtesy of Twitter,

Image Courtesy of Twitter,

When will the rich and famous learn to watch what they tweet?

 With over 500 million active users, Twitter has been deemed the SMS of the Internet. It is one of the only social networks to give those in the public eye a voice, which can be detrimental to their social statuses, as seen with Joey Barton, Melanie Sykes and Tulisa Contostavlos.

 As a result of incompetent Twitter activity, this year we have already witnessed politicians publicly apologise, footballers taken to court and celebrity love scandals exposed.

But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt….

This weekend Andrew Lloyd Webber slammed contestant Nathan James for his ‘Twitter ego’ and kicked him off the show.

The ITV1 contest is searching for the lead role in musical Jesus Christ Superstar. The 23 year old started the show very well with impressive performances and charismatic interviews but Lloyd Webber criticised him and his incessant tweeting: ‘Nathan, your voice is amazing but I think you need to love the song more than you love yourself.’

Nathan tweeted a picture of himself as Jesus, wearing a crown of thorns. Dawn French, a judge on the panel, quipped that he might be suited to the role of Judas.

As a result of his arrogant tweeting, Lloyd Webber opted to send Nathan home packing, despite his imposing performances. The crowd was in full agreement with the decision, which goes to show that personality can override talent.

I’m sure Nathan is kicking himself this week – he managed to lose himself in the flattery of Twitter and completely underestimate the consequences. Perhaps in the future, he will consider hiring some social media experts to tweet for him…

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