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As we begin to near the end of 2021, the trends predicted to come into effect in the new year are already well underway. One such trend is the importance of key leadership figures investing in training and improving their soft skills. The ongoing pandemic has had a significant impact on workplaces across the country so re-affirming a strong company culture and boosting workplace morale is critical for the continued success of a business. In this piece, we look at the UK’s leading C-Suite training providers. 

The Executive Development Network 

UK based company, EDN provides training courses to help develop leadership and management skills suitable for mid-level managers through to the C-Suite. With over 25 years of industry experience, the company offers a range of courses including conflict management, managing anxiety and burnout in addition to also offering bespoke training programmes which are personalised and catered to an organisation’s needs. 

The company operates nationally and is regulated by Ofsted in addition to the education & skills funding agency. Having worked with Centerparcs, Merlin Entertainments and Sodexo, EDN has built an impressive roster of clients and with the current emphasis on workplace training, the company will be one to watch.  

Common Purpose 

Based internationally across London, Singapore and Johannesburg, Common Purpose provides both online and face to face training. The firm’s offering includes The Common Purpose programme which supports leaders looking to cross boundaries and Sky Blue which enables senior leaders across the globe to collaboratively discuss important environmental issues. 

Common Purpose has helped develop business leaders of organisations such as Barclays, NHS, PwC and Toyota. The company also provides the CQ accelerator which is an online leadership programme delving into diversity and inclusion with the objective to help create open conversations and awareness around the topic and help employers to support their workforce in working harmoniously with people from different cultures. 

In Professional Development (INPD) 

Providing accredited leadership and management courses by industry leaders, INPD offers courses across several industries and help executives turn their experience in the professional world into academic qualifications. The company offers services both via virtual training and face to face learning. 

INPD has worked with businesses across several sectors such as the NHS, Nuffield Health, DHL, and Epson. The company has a strong reputation and has been rated excellent on Trustpilot. The management training company also offers courses that are high in demand covering topics such as digital leadership, social media and marketing. 

Euromoney Learning 

Euromoney learning is one of the leaders in corporate training across the banking and financial sector. Having trained 25,000 individuals over the last five years across 99 countries, the company have established a presence as the trailblazers in the C-Suite and corporate training market. 

The company specialises in leadership and management development led by expert instructors. Additionally, Euromoney also provides C-Suite and board education both for COO’s and CFO’s in the corporate banking industry.  

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