The best e-bike brands for your commute

A recent study conducted by PFS and LiveArea has indicated that a new ‘conscious consumer’ has emerged from lockdown. The Retail Times suggests that consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of the environmental impact that their purchases are having, and that the temporary closure of shops gave consumers an opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate their shopping habits.

One sector that has benefited from a post-pandemic ‘boom’ is e-mobility and e-bikes. With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, and businesses starting to develop a strategy for safely transitioning back into the office. Consumers have begun looking at what their commutes might start to look like.

For most, public transport in the past has been known to be an overcrowded, delayed and thoroughly unenjoyable experience which now comes with a genuine health risk.

e-bikes which have an electric motor embedded to aid pedalling, provide an alternative, sustainable, and safer solution for consumers getting to and from the office.

We’ve profiled five of the best e-bike brands currently operating or planning to launch soon in the capital.


A new and exciting mobility brand that offers Londoners 20 minutes of free cycling every day. HumanForest was created to be a safe, functional, and fun mode of transport that is powered by renewable energy with no emission emitted. Think of HumanForest as the mobility brand that is driving the sustainable travel movement in a borough near you.

As still in the trial phase, HumanForest is only operating in Islington and Camden currently, but given its popularity on social media in recent weeks, it won’t be long until it expands across the capital. Watch this space!


Founded by Emily Brooke MBE in 2012 under the original name Blaze. Beryl’s purpose is to build a better world by getting more people in cities on bikes and removing the barriers that currently exist.

Initially Beryl focused on tackling safety and visibility issues with cycling which resulted in them releasing the laserlight. A product that helps cyclists to ensure they don’t get caught in the blind spot of cars and other vehicles. Since then Beryl has gone on to release over two and half thousand green bikes into cities, and clocked over 304,000 rides in total.


For a decade, Volt have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing the very best e-bikes around. In that time, Volt have released an extensive collection of e-bikes for every use and from differing price points.

The great thing about Volt is that its two founders are cycling enthusiasts who got tired of bulky, ugly electric cycles that died after just a few miles. So, you can rest easy knowing that the Volt bikes has been created with the consumer in mind.

And if your employer offers a cycle scheme, you could save up to £390 on your Volt bike just by signing up.


Newly founded mico-mobility business, Dott, are on a mission to improve European city life. Their dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes are a convenient alternative for short distance travel. They believe they can create a future where inner cities will be free of both cars and pollution.

Last year Dott raised $34 million in a Series A funding round, we’re excited to see how they develop and launch across Europe’s most popular cities.


One of the big players in the e-bike industry. VanMoof bikes has been engineered with cities in mind, not only do they shrink long commutes, provide a helping hand when it comes to pedalling but they also warn off bike thieves too.

What makes VanMoof different from the other bikes on market is how they are built to last a lifetime. Meaning they’re also committed to reducing waste as well as promoting sustainable travel.

If you do purchase a VanMoof do make sure to take advantage of their app which connects you with their Bike doctors who will keep you and bike riding happy.

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