The BBQ brands coming in hot for the summer

In the UK, BBQ’s have become a hot topic of conversation, having recently been claimed as the UK’s number one summer home leisure activity. Google searches have also shown a sharp rise of 488% in the number of searches for BBQ food-related items whilst we all sort some sizzling fun in the sun.  Several businesses will now be under pressure to maintain the demand they have experienced in the last couple of years, with staycations on the rise, and people seeking holiday fun closer to home. So, we take a look at the companies that are piquing our interests when it comes to the alfresco cooking experience.   

Harbour Lifestyle 

Harbour Lifestyle is a UK based retailer which has established its brand in the UK exclusively online since 2020. With their goal to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces, the company offers a variety of different products from garden furniture to outdoor cooking products.   

The brand has also taken advantage of the increasing audiences on social media platforms and has listed products through social commerce avenues such as Instagram shop. Allowing consumers to purchase products such as their Kamado BBQ black Ceramic Grill on the app itself, opening access to 130 million users tapping on shopping posts every month. 

Everdure by Heston 

Everdure has collaborated with world-renowned and Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal to create state-of-the-art BBQ kits. The brand has uniquely incorporated using platforms such as YouTube as a marketing tool to showcase its products. Viewers can see first-hand the benefits of using the product, as Heston creates delicious dishes such as the apple Tarte Tatin on the FORCE. 

Unlike other brands within the market, Everdure can rely on the credibility and social influence of leading chef Heston Blumenthal to establish their brand as one of the leaders in the market and this, in turn, translates to more eyes on the product range via his audiences. Heston’s social media following currently sits around 425k followers. 

Landmann Group 

Established in Germany in 1966, Landmann has gone on to become one of the leading BBQ brands in Europe and has built an international market through its sales to regions in the US, Australia, and China.  

The brand has also gained a presence after being mentioned in publications including Gear Patrol which targets men and allows leading experts to trial and review products across different industries such as cars, tech, and homes. This will help build their brand awareness, and features including their Landman Ardor Series 5 Burner Gas Grill was mentioned as one of the best high-end grills will certainly help consumers in their cooking experience. 


Founded in the US, Weber have used their considerable experience to bring the BBQ market to new heights through their range of products. The brand also uses their knowledge and expertise and have created the Grill Academy. Currently hosting 106 academies globally, the increasing opportunities for potential buyers to try their products and witness the benefits first-hand.  

Weber also uses platforms including Pinterest, featuring food bloggers. Weber can use Pinterest to demonstrate their brand image and repost their influencer activity. This can act as a great marketing tool for consumer-facing businesses as Pinterest currently has 444 million users globally and this will open possibilities for new audiences to see the brand. 

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