Technology that will help you beat the queues

If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, it’s easy to understand why COVID-19 has fast tracked digital transformation industry-wide.

From telemedicine to farming tech, digital classrooms to online counselling, digital adoption has allowed us to navigate the challenges of the pandemic, keep industries turning, and find solutions to help safeguard public health.

Yes, it seems tech has quite literally infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and it looks like the Great British queue is next in line.

Queue management brands have been quick to respond to the crisis, and their role in helping businesses reopen while maintaining social distancing has been critical.

Virtual queues, SMS updates, and feedback portals are the future of queuing, and as bands of revellers descend on restaurants, pubs and bars this weekend, we’ve been doing some digging to unearth the top four brands working in this space.

Skiplino: an intelligent, cloud-based system that can monitor real-time queueing data and collect customer feedback. The brand is committed to protecting public health as we emerge from lockdown and provides a touchless response to support social distancing. Its system actively combats the spread of COVID 19 by allowing customers to wait in a queue from their mobile device, and even allows customers to book a specific time to visit a store.

Qminder: a contact free queue system for maximising safety. The busines pledges to put customers and staff out of harm’s way with planned visits, online sign in and SMS queueing. The platform also lets people see your peak hours and visitor capacity, meaning customers can decide themselves when to visit. Customers can also practice social distancing by allowing people to sign in by call, online or by scanning a QR code.

Qless: a digital queuing system that eliminates lines and collects valuable customer data in the process. QLess is tailor-made to facilitate social distancing and committed to helping governments, education, businesses, healthcare facilities, and other organisations serve their customers efficiently and safely during COVID-19. The business offers remote queuing, virtual call back queues and interactive appointments.

Qmatic: a business that connects people to services with its innovative customer journey systems, smart queue management solutions and user-friendly apps. The brand offers low-touch, socially distanced queuing via a mobile queue management package, which businesses of all sizes can use. Qmatic is committed to helping and supporting clients to continue their operations and respond to any challenges that they might face during these unprecedented times.

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