Takeaway delivery brands – the future of the hospitality industry

Despite the end of lockdown restrictions, takeaway delivery remains busier than ever with the average person spending £641 on takeaways in 2021 compared to £452 in 2019. One staggering statistic is that 54% of 18–34-year-olds prefer to use third party websites to order takeaways. Following this continued growth, we shine a spotlight on some of the businesses driving this growth.  


Launching in 2017, Foodhub is a British-born food delivery platform. The company has been on an extraordinary rise in recent years, from April 2020 to April 2021 the company saw a 42% increase in orders. Unlike other delivery business models Foodhub does not charge restaurants a commission and work exclusively on a 0% commission fee, this structure benefits the restaurants as they are able to generate a higher profit and additionally supports the user experience who can have a variety of options at an affordable price. 

Foodhub has grown considerably since its conception, with over 25,000 restaurant partners in the UK and currently working in markets such as New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico it predicts a bright future for their expansion plans. 


Launched in September 2014, Quiqup is an on-demand delivery service with a fleet of over 3000 plus couriers. Describing themselves as “enabled and built for the future” the start-up partnered with US brand Hungry House in 2017 to enable partner restaurants to outsource deliveries. The company promises users they can get food delivered within 50 minutes with an average time of 30 minutes. 

Quiqup is heavily focused on their state-of-the-art technology which offers an array of advantages to the users, the software offers live tracking which gives notifications when an order has been collected and covers the journey as it is being delivered in real-time. Furthermore, it offers data that can be used to analysed performance metrics.  

Supper London 

Founder Peter Georgiou describes Supper London as a fusion of “New York customer service with the richness of London’s food scene”. The company is exclusively available in London and works with some of the finest restaurants such as Fortnum & Mason and Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill – to name a few. Since 2015, Supper London has continually grown and has increased its revenues by a staggering 700% since 2020 with overall headcount growing by 400%. 

In early March, the company announced an unusual yet unique update to their app which allowed users to have their food delivered to parks within London. Having partnered with geocode software company What3words, it allows individuals who are in social gatherings to still have access to food from high-quality restaurants at any of the parks listed by simply typing in the geocode on the app.  


Online takeaway delivery service Scoffable, has made significant progress since it first entered the takeaway delivery market and has steadily grown a loyal customer base in Scotland. After being founded in 2010 by university colleagues Daniel Jones and Michael Brown, Scoffable has built on restaurant acquisitions and offers several benefits to business partners such as weekly payouts, flexible delivery pricing and free marketing and promotion. 

Unlike its competitors, the Scottish brand ensures prices remain aligned to the in-store prices, this is due to their commitment to “offering a free service to takeaway consumers”. The takeaway delivery brand is currently standing at a 4.8 rating on the Apple store and has over 2.6k customer ratings demonstrating the brand appeal. With the food and takeaway delivery market predicted to grow further in the coming years, it will be interesting the future plans Scoffable has in store.

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