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CES 2018: A look back at the companies on show

CES 2018: A look back at the companies on show

For 50 years CES has been setting the bar when it comes to innovation in technology. Once again, this year, we saw  companies exhibiting some of the most exciting products on the market at the moment, technology that will shape the industry in 2018, and visions of what’s to come in the next ten years. But with nearly 4,000 companies exhibiting, which companies managed to cut through the noise? Here’s our look back at some of the ‘best in show’.

Tech for Good

The ‘tech for good’ sector is growing exponentially every year, and there were some great applications of new technology on show at CES this year. However, the most noteworthy and heat warming was ‘My Special Aflac Duck’, a robotic smart toy designed to help children diagnosed with cancer cope through their treatments. With calming heartbeat-like pulses, and disks which children can tap against the toys chest to mirror and express their emotions, this is one special smart toy. What’s more – the companies behind the project have committed to providing the duck to cancer programmes for free.


Even though there were a number of new headset reveals at CES this year, the most exciting VR announcement at CES this year didn’t come from a household name in the industry. Start-up Black Box VR is building the gym of the future, using motion-tracking controllers and specially designed workout equipment. Leading the way in the VR Fitness market, the company plan to set up boutique high-tech gyms in San Francisco this year.


There were an endless number of transport announcements at CES this year, and one of the companies attracting the most attention was Toyota. In a move that signalled their moved to a mobility service company Toyota unveiled its new e-Palette vehicle. With a modular interior and different length and sizes depending on its needs. The concept video featured the vehicle in a variety of different capacities, including transport trucks, ridesharing, a mobile office and even a pizza delivery vehicle.

Wearables (sort of)

The wearables sector is another sector which has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years. One of the beet pieces of wearable tech on show at CES this year came from an unexpected company – L’Oréal. It’s new UV Sense, which is about the size of a drop of water, sticks to any part of your body or clothing, and tells you when you’re exposing yourself to too much UVA and UVB light. At just £30, this piece of tech could save lives.

Voice Assistants

Google caught up in the voice assistant race with a significant push for its smart ‘assistant’ – its answer to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. In a staggering display of its vision for the future, Google exhibited more than 350 voice-controlled devises in its exhibition space. According to google Assistant is now capable of completing over one million different actions.

Top 10 Fitness & Sports Tech Companies to Watch at CES 2016

Another year, another CES, brimming with start-ups and household names alike, looking to become the next big tech trend. But who will come out victorious? In the second of a six-part series, we give our verdict on the most awe-inspiring hopefuls of the New Year in the Fitness & Sports category.

The world of technology when it comes to health and fitness gadgets has accelerated hugely in the last few years. As staying fit becomes an increasingly important component in many lives, with new ways of staying in shape and health fads springing up on a weekly basis, interest continues to develop. Consequently, the technological advancements are managing to complement this surge and companies are cashing in on people’s urges in what has become one of the most lucrative industries.

Here, we look at a handful of some of the most innovative and exciting companies and products which will be on display at CES 2016.


Image: DFX Sports & Fitness


DFX Sports & Fitness

  • DFX Sports & Fitness (US): The company behind the Powerball Gyro have certainly established themselves in this ‘sphere’. The ball aids athletes and sportsmen in rehabilitation and recovery and can help with repetitive stress injuries. Sports-specific gyro products are what the company knows best and the success of their initial Powerball has enabled them to expand accordingly – without doubt only going to grow further.


  • Dietsensor (FR): This product from Airspek will be launching at CES and is one that should generate a considerable amount of interest. It is the first instant nutrition coach with sensors and has already been named a CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree. With health and diet technology becoming an increasingly saturated arena, Dietsensor is bringing something truly innovative to the marketplace.


  • Beddit (FI): Arguably the best sleep tracker around. In an age where we want to avoid guesswork and have everything measured for us, Beddit fits the bill perfectly. Using some of the smartest technology which remains unobtrusive, it allows you to see how well you slept and drill down into the specifics behind this. For someone who takes their sleep very seriously (as I do) – a must have.


Image: Mettis Trainer

Image: Mettis Trainer


Mettis trainer

  • Mettis trainer (US): An interesting product that appears to be paving the way for the next generation of wearable technology while providing instant feedback for athletes and sportsmen. In looks, it is not too dissimilar from insoles but zeroes in on running technique and helps to prevent injury and aid performance from amateurs through to Olympians.


  • Infinadeck (US): This is, for me, the most aesthetically pleasing product on the list. It is the world’s first commercial omnidirectional treadmill adjusting to when users change direction to keep them safely in the centre. It can be used by a variety of sectors from gaming, health, tactical to industrial – a product that is sure to make waves at CES and beyond.

Shot Tracker

  • Shot Tracker (US): This does exactly what it says on the tin; keeps track of your shooting. It’s made up of three components; a wrist sensor, a net sensor and the ShotTracker App and the weather-proof net sensor easily attaches to any net and automatically tracks your shot makes and misses. The old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ could not ring truer with this product and ensures you receive instant feedback to make practice useful.


Image: PIQ



  • PIQ (FR): A multi-sport sensor which tracks performance which aids sporting performance is always likely to grab people’s attention. Most of us, when it comes to sport, struggle to accept mediocrity and want something to give us that edge – PIQ provides a solution. Golf, tennis and skiing are just three of the sports which can benefit from PIQ as it captures valuable data.


  • Skulpt (US): A product recognised in the previous two years by CES as one of the most innovative around, so certainly one not to be taken lightly. Skulpt allows users to instantly and accurately measure body fat percentage and the muscle quality of each muscle. Although popular and something that everyone can use, Skulpt doesn’t seem to have quite dominated the market as their product deserves – 2016 should promise much.


  • Turingsense (US): The company are bringing their product Pivot to the wearable sports technology market and can expect to turn heads at CES. It is multi-sensor full-body motion analysis and a first of its kind for the sport of tennis. Helping to monitor players’ whole bodies during the course of their swing and can help prevent injury and to doctor technique to develop performance accordingly.


  • Wondermento (US): Put simply, Wondermento make apps and help connect real life to the digital world. Their most notable product is Wonderwoof which is an on-collar bow tie for your dog which allows you to track their daily activity. It’s linked to the app, ensuring you receive updates on your dog’s health and social well-being wherever you may be. Tracking and monitoring devices for humans have become massive and we envisage that Wonderwoof will experience similar growth.

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