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Digital PR – it’s emotional!

Digital PR – it’s emotional!

Similar to the music industry, most people who work in Digital PR could name their inspirations and influences, the first digital campaign that they got really excited about, and the campaigns that still inspire them to this day.

I decided to start working in the digital world shortly after stumbling upon a small interactive film created by artist Chris Milk as a music video for We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire and in collaboration with Google. The film, called The Wilderness Downtown, is built using HTML5 and uses Google maps and street view to tap into some of our most private memories.

As if by magic, the video takes you on a tour of the places and sights that were part of your childhood, and the character in the video appears to walk along the street where you grew up.

It’s an emotional journey, and to make it even more interactive it also asks you to create a message – a digital postcard – to leave behind as a memory of your journey. Other users can then view your postcard to see how you reacted to the video.

It’s a truly brilliant digital campaign and without a doubt, it is my single biggest influence in the online world. To me it demonstrates the power of a great digital project. It taps into your emotions, it connects with you personally, and it leaves you feeling a strong and genuine connection with the brand that goes well beyond anything that traditional advertising could attempt.

Whatever brand or client I am working with, the biggest piece of advice that I can give when putting together a digital campaign is that it’s all about the customer. Every piece of content should be created with the customer’s feelings and emotions in mind, and every social media post should attempt to tap into and connect with the daily lives and concerns of the people you’re talking to.

With that principle in mind, your next Facebook or Twitter campaign could be the one that genuinely reaches out to your audience, and that gets them clicking the ‘forward’ button without even being asked to do so.

Cover image courtesy of Frank Behrens,

Social Media: a PowerStation for Young Entrepreneurs

One exciting development accompanying the digital age is that more and more young people are given the opportunity to make their dreams become reality!

Youngsters indulge in the Internet, expressing themselves and their thoughts all over social media sites. This engages a mass of interested and interactive individuals.

If an enterprising youngster produces a popular concept online – wave after wave of hits will flood social media channels like the ocean, resulting in a successful product.

In this blog, I discuss two of my favourite British teen Hitters. You will see how the power of online social media has enabled part times hobbies (beginning in teenage bedrooms) to become established (adult) professions …

Young Entrepreneur Number 1: Jamal Edwards.

As you may have seen in the recent Google Chrome advert, Jamal Edwards runs a digital music channel called SBTV.  In doing so, he has just clocked up 100,000 subscribers and is now involved in media campaigns across the world – including the Google Chrome ad.


But let’s start from the beginning.

Jamal Edwards is a 16-year-old boy and into the grime music scene.  Edwards is given a camera for Christmas and begins to upload live (unknown) urban artists on to the Internet. This channel he calls SBTV.



It wasn’t long before hundreds and thousands tuned in to watch the latest urban acts and SBTV went viral. Edwards now runs, arguably, the biggest youth media network in the UK associated with pushing the careers of big British acts such as Ed Sheeran, Devlin and countless others to new levels.

Jamal Edwards aims high and the Internet has helped him reach these heights. He is now considered one of the UK’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Young Entrepreneur Number 2: Adam Hildreth.

Adam Hildreth successfully ran Dubit Limited, a popular UK social networking site for teens. He has recently been awarded regional winner of the ‘Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ and is currently valued at around 24million pounds in The Sunday Times UK Rich list, 2011.

But let’s start from the beginning.

At 14 years old Hildreth spent much of his time on the internet in his bedroom: where it all began.

Hildreth started the social-networking site, Dubit Limited, in 1999 at the age of 14. This site gradually picked up more and more visitors and two years later he left school to run the company full time.

After four years under his control, Dubit Ltd became the most visited teen website in the U.K. This lead to 19 year old Hildreth ranking in at 12th in ‘The UK’s Top 20 Richest Teens List’, worth an estimated £2m.

Hildreth has since gone on to specialise in internet child protection with his new company ‘Crisp’.  He is an astonishing example of how to achieve new age Internet success at a young age.

If nothing else these unlikely young men demonstrate the power of social media informing today’s working society.