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People remember 80% of imagery they see, compared with 20% of what they read.

We create visually-impressive animated gifs, Infographics, animation and video content designed to increase brand awareness.

JOTA Sport logo - The PHA Group

This graphic was created to promote the Japan/Fuji leg of the WEC 2018 for Jota Sport. We used a variety of different techniques to create this post. The ideas was to give it the energy of a race and the setting of Fuji.

MOVE GB’s initiative ‘Do What Moves You’

This post was used to promote MOVE GB’s initiative ‘Do What Moves You’. We wanted to show that everyone has there on preference and motivation for exercise and no matter what it is you should go for it.


Cauli rice logo - The PHA Group

This visual was used to promote inspiration and motivation for followers of Calui Rice. The idea was to show someone who was focused on the task at hand and was able to shutout the world and their worries to achieve the goal they had set themselves.


YPI - Yachting Partners International - The PHA Group

This is a hand drawn illustration used to promote YPI’s presence at Monaco Boat Show. We drew from tourism posters of the past and used a colour palette reminiscent of the 80s and the playboy lifestyle Monaco is famous for.

Audreystyle logo - The PHA Group

This is a post we made to promote the new release of a product on the AudreStyle website. We used topographical imagery to show the natural roots of the ingredients as well as the area it comes from.

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