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eFiling wanted to tackle the growing issue of money laundering in the UK by encouraging the government to implement a stricter policy and have stricter checks.

The UK has been described as the dirty money ‘Laundromat’ of the world and this was damaging to both the UK’s economy and its business reputation.

eFiling wanted to firstly, raise awareness of the issue but also show that it is easily preventable.



We created a video made up of custom-made illustrations to show the process of how easy it is to set up a company in the UK and the severe lack of background checks which are currently carried out.

We also used the video to illustrate some shocking stats which came from a recent YouGov Survey.

The video clearly stated the problem and offered a solution pressing the government to make a change.


“We had been working with PHA Group’s Public Affairs team for a while and when the time came to up the ante and publish an animation on the issue of money laundering in the UK we naturally turned to PHA for their support in producing this. The 2D animation had better than expected result as it opened doors to more organisations, gave us the media attention needed, and led other like-minded campaign groups to our door to work together. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.”

Richard Osborne
Director of Business data Group


The video was a huge success achieving nation-wide coverage of the issue including the Daily Mail – this content is now used in briefings with MP’s and charities.

We kept costs down by using illustrations and the video was able to turn a complicated issue into something that was easy to understand and interesting to watch.

The campaign was aimed at key stakeholders like law changers rather than the whole public and eFiling sense that whilst it’s probably a matter of time before the law gets changed, the video/coverage was a great way to get it over the line!

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