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Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. This creates engaging and eye-catching content from a still imagery.

YPI wanted to use more engaging imagery content to showcase their lead boats. This image is Axioma – their flagship yacht. By making the water in the image move it makes it more realistic and was a powerful tool for promoting both YPI and their yachts across their social channels.

Another of their flagship yachts is Emmaline, as shown in this picture.

We used the same effects across all the images in this campaign – the movement of water brings the image to life and builds more attraction helping to promote YPI on social media.

Canagan logo

Canagan wanted to utilise the emotional impact of moving images to promote their brand.

This cinemagraph therefore presented the perfect solution for increasing engagement and sales. It was used on their social channels to encourage promotion.

YPI (Yachting Partners International) logo

This promotes power and speed showing the yacht glide through the sea – this image was a great tool for showing YPI and it’s yachts in a really positive light encouraging consumers to find out more about the brand.

JOTA Sport logo

We worked with JOTA Sport to showcase their brand and services.

This image provided a personal feel of what it is like working within the team at JOTA Sport and was ultimately used as a tool for promotion.

We used this image to promote the luxurious side of YPI’s yachts; the movement of the bright blue sea in the background and the gorgeous decking of the yacht really entice the customer and do a great job of promoting the brand across their social media channels.

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