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A strong brand presence helps your company to cut through the noise and communicate effectively who you are or what your business does. Our branding experts work with you to discover your company’s core values, helping to lay out a solid brand foundation. We develop a suite of versatile designs for you to roll out across your platforms.

What we do.

Brand discovery.

Starting from the ground up, we will work with you to understand what your business is all about and how you wish people to perceive your brand.

We look at different styles and carry out extensive research into how you compare to your competitors and what makes you unique. Our goal is to make you stand out in an ever-crowded market.

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Branding Creation

Logo & brand design.

We look into your brand messaging and the audience you want to target in order to create your logo and brand design. We will work with you to craft a logo and overarching brand image that is bespoke to you. Looking at a broad range of ideas, we will refine and develop your design into a finished and polished brand identity.

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Audreystyle branding Package
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Artwork & poster design.

We have experience in campaign design, ranging from event artwork, invitations, business stationery, to event posters to help you gain the perfect exposure.

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Brand guidelines & toolkits

Once a brand is created, consistency will be key. Keeping your brand’s message clear and consistent is hugely important in perception and identity.

This is where your brand Guidelines come in, this is your rulebook for all material you produce. From outlining fonts and colours, to logo placement and more.

Re-branding smaller projects

Some brands don’t need a giant overhaul in order to update themselves, more often than not a fresh set of eyes on a brand can help tweak your existing message to better represent your brands current ambitions and goals.
If your image is outdated and your competitor’s isn’t, people may choose them over you.

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