PHA celebrates PR Week 30 Under 30 recognition

I have friends and family who think I’m a professional story teller. For some reason, other forms of branding such as advertising and branding experts are blatantly clear‎. Yet public relations, the profession that specialises in clear messaging still carries a bit of a stigma attached to it. Yes, the irony isn’t lost on us either. However I genuinely believe that the industry is as strong, impactful, understood and important to the success of every business than ever before. No one has ever achieved anything of worth without people knowing what they do.

The reason for this is the quality of people, specifically those starting to make their way, delivering some unbelievable results that are winning new customers for companies every single day. Think back to a new brand story that you remember recently and ‎I almost guarantee that a PR professional was the mastermind and inspiration for that journalist/blogger/tweeter’s musings.

At The PHA Group, we are privileged to work with some incredible journalists who have worked at the world’s most respected publications. This insight and knowledge is invaluable to everyone, and coupled with the passion and vigour from everyone from the Account Executives to Directors makes for many award-winning and landmark campaigns.

I think it’s really important to reward all of those and highlighting the work by some at the relative inception of their careers is all the more important to encourage and motivate, and set them up for their long futures. These sorts of accolades, alongside the best levels of training and support, create the best possible springboards towards future achievements.

It’s this reason why I am both proud and honoured to feature in this year’s PR Week’s 30 Under 30 and want like to congratulate everyone else involved for an incredible year. Here’s to many more!

Cover image: Jan Murin,

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