Spotlight on Whisky Investment

According to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report of 2020, the last decade has seen rare whisky investments skyrocket in value year after year. Up a staggering 564% since 2010 at an average of over 56% per annum, the data suggests that if you’re looking for an alternative investment in 2021, whisky would be a good starting point.

The report indicated that the oldest and rarest whiskies from iconic distilleries such as Dalmore, Lagavulin and Bowmore remain most popular in the minds of collectors, and that casks remain in huge demand.

As the pandemic surged around the globe last year, whisky sales soared as investors searched for an investment opportunity that wouldn’t provide unstable equities and poor bond returns.

With whisky looking likely to continue dominating the alternative investments market in the new year, we thought we would shine a light on five firms that provide a safe platform for investors to begin their investing journey.

Cask Trade

Cask Trade has created the first and largest true marketplace which allows owners and prospective buyers the opportunity to buy and sell casks of exceptional single malt, grain and bourbon.

The team at Cask Trade takes care of every cask through each stage of its life, from the day the whisky is distilled to the day it has been aged to perfection.

So whether you are looking to buy a cask, sell a cask or have your own independent bottling, Cask Trade can offer decades worth of industry experience and are more than happy to offer advice to investors.

Whisky Invest Direct

In the past, profit from whisky maturation has taken years to achieve and traditionally only distillers and blenders could benefit from the process.

WhiskyInvestDirect provides a new online marketplace for consumers both buying and selling maturing stocks of Scotch whisky.

The platform allows private investors to buy quality whiskies at wholesale prices. Currently, over 3,500 users own enough to fill over 70,000 casks which is the equivalent of 29 million bottles of maturing Scotch.

WhiskyInvestDirect gives investors full control of when they decide to sell their whisky and withdraw the cash.

Whiskey & Wealth Club

Founded by three friends who all have extensive experience in the drinks industry, Whiskey & Wealth Club provides investors with short- and long-term strategies that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Even as the business has continued to develop over the years, and now boasts two bases in both Dublin and London, with a team of around 40 professionals, the goal has always remained the same; sharing the enjoyment and potential rewards of wholesale cask Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky ownership with clients around the world.

In July, Whiskey & Wealth Club, a major player in the whisky investment world, reported that they had sold double in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019.

Vintage Acquisitions

With over 20 years’ experience, the team at Vintage Acquisitions are ready to help you add value regardless if you are a market newcomer, whisky enthusiast or a seasoned investor.

In the past, the business has enjoyed a successful history in trading and managing luxury drinks including the likes of champagne and port. But in recent years have now opted to focus purely on cask whisky.

Elite Wine & Whisky

Since being founded in 2012, Elite Wine & Whisky have been on a mission to change the way that consumers view fine wine, champagne, and whisky investment. Their philosophy is that the investment scene shouldn’t just be exclusive to the wealthy elite but should be accessible to investors from all walks of life.

Whilst being specialists in the acquisition and sales of some of the world’s finest investment-grade wine, champagne and whiskies, the company provide a highly personalised service that includes a step-by-step guide on how to invest in whisky, fine wine seminars and regular updates of the market.

Alternative investments are on the rise with consumers. Why not speak to a member of our team today to find out how we could help raise the profile of your business amongst your target audience.

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