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Denplan from Simplyhealth is the UK’s leading dental payment plan who offer a range of products to suit different companies and payment plans. They are a part of Simplyhealth UK’s Simplyhealth Professionals Network.


Having managed Simplyhealth’s Great Run Series partnership during 2017, and subsequently Simplyhealth’s Instagram channel, we were asked to conduct a social media audit of Denplan’s two key channels, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we were also briefed to provide a competitor analysis of three of their closest industry rivals.



The social media audit involved an extensive review of Denplan’s current Twitter and Facebook output, including an analysis of their audience demographics, key content strands, engagement and overall metric rates, and overall strategy.

From there, we conducted a similar analysis for their three competitors, comparing their output, engagement levels and audience behaviours to Denplan’s.



Once all reviews were conducted, we extrapolated our findings and shared a number of key recommendations, including new content strands, social media advertising insights and suggested audience targeting in order to better optimise their social media presence.

Since adopting our recommendations and gaining better insight into competitors, Denplan have surged ahead of the field in terms of overall audience size, content output and post engagement.

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