Six snack brands helping consumers make healthier choices

The global healthy snacks market is forecast to reach $98 billion by 2025. With people becoming increasingly health-conscious following the Coronavirus pandemic, the increasing popularity for healthier food alternatives doesn’t come as a surprise. A survey conducted at the end of last year found that 69% of global consumers were seeking out confectionery products that are low in sugar or sugar-free.

It’s not just consumers looking for healthier options, this is an initiative the government are also trying to push to tackle obesity. Their HFSS (high fat, salt or sugar) products promotion ban was due to come into force later this year, however some of these restrictions have now been delayed due to the cost of living crisis in the UK (read about how as a brand you can navigate this U-turn here).

Whatever the government decides to do regarding the HFSS ban, we’ve taken a look at six innovative brands that are already leading the way when it comes to healthier snacking options.

Krumbled Foods

Krumbled Foods was founded by Australian entrepreneur Kiera Rumble in 2017. After being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and going on to study nutrition (in particular the direct link between sugar and poor health) she realised there was a gap in the market for healthier snacks that didn’t compromise on taste.

Her beauty bites (which come in flavours such as salted caramel and triple choc chip brownie) contain collagen, prebiotics and vitamin E and C. So not only will they satisfy your sweet tooth, but you’re getting all the added benefits too. According to the website, consuming one beauty bite daily for 6 weeks results in reduction in fine lines, increased skin hydration and elasticity, stronger hair and nails, and improved gut health.

Boundless Activated Snacking

HFSS-compliant, gluten free and vegan, Boundless Activated Snacking’s range includes nuts and seeds that are soaked in saltwater before they are baked to draw out any phytic acid (which can reduce absorption rate in your gut) to make them better for your digestion and increase the nutritional value.

They also partner with Frank Water Charity, donating some of the proceeds from each bag sold. This is to help Frank’s work improving safe water, sanitation and hygiene for communities in India and Nepal.

Prodigy Snacks

B-corporation Prodigy Snacks was founded by chef and restauranteer Sameer Vaswani. In 2002 he moved to West Africa to set up his own confectionary business, where he noticed the use of harmful ingredients that were damaging to the environment. This prompted his return to London where Prodigy Snacks was born.

Free from refined sugar, palm oil and gluten, his chocolate keeps your body and the planet in mind. It’s the UK’s first plastic negative chocolate bar – for every bar sold Prodigy funds the disposal of 10 ocean bound plastic wrappers.

Indie Bay Snacks

Indie Bay was formed by Dafna Bonas in 2016 after she realised the need for a tasty snack without the guilt and grease.

Options include their pretzel bites and pretzel thins range. With flavours such as lightly salted, BBQ and sour cream and onion – they replicate your favourite crisps, but with 70% less fat and 100% more protein. They’ve also partnered with Luker Chocolate to create sustainable chocolate coated pretzels that are better for you and the planet.

Alongside this, 1% of all their orders go to the The Orchard Project, a charity which encourages urban communities to come together to design, plant and care for their own orchard.


Launched in 2016, Hippeas’ chickpea-based snacks were created with the health-conscious consumer in mind.

Their puff snacks include an average of 3.5g of protein, and their tortilla chips contain 7g. Not only are they a healthy option for you, Chickpea plants naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow, meaning they’re good for the planet too.

Hippeas have supported a variety of charities since they were founded including FareShare, Feeding America, Veganuary, and they also helped with product donations for the NHS during Covid.

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