Should I invest in paid social media advertising?

In a pay-to-play world, social media advertising is a must for most brands and businesses. Organic reach is down across most of the major social media networks, and the days of you being able to simply post something on social and expect all your followers to see it are well and truly over.

That mindset has been gone for a few years. Now, it’s all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys and get people to your site to make a purchase. Paid social media strategies help with exactly that.

When deciding whether social media advertising is the right for your business, these points will help when you’re debating the pros and cons.

Creating specific social media target audiences

Most social media platforms allow you to target people as broadly or as granularly as you need to, depending on your budget of course. It allows you to craft the right message for the right consumer for your business, at the right stage of the customer journey.

Connecting with people who need your service or product

Simply put, the first step to making a sale for any business is brand awareness. Social advertising optimized for reach allows you to get targeted consumer eyes on your business, campaign or brand. It allows you to remind consumers of their ‘unmet need’ and how you as a business or brand can fulfill that need, and quickly. Be it the latest sports shoes, loungewear at home or new homeware products, everyone has a secret desire and adverts are a great way of enticing a broader audience in.

Numerous formats on numerous platforms

One of the great things about social media is there is something for everyone, and that is no different when considering social media advertising. You can break your audience down by demographic, content consumption, location, device or interests. If you are looking to attract an older consumer you might consider investing in Facebook, and if your content relies on more visual aesthetics then you might choose to utilize Instagram or Pinterest. For a more corporate audience, then your obvious choice is LinkedIn. Whatever your goals, there is likely to be a social media outlet to support them.

Increase lead generation

What matters most to your business – if we’re being totally honest – is revenue. Social media advertising campaigns can help turn engagement into sales for your business. A successful sales channel for many businesses, social media advertising allows you to go to the consumer instead of relying on the consumer to come to you.

Complex and custom retargeting options are available on platforms, allowing you to re-engage audiences who have previously only been top-of-funnel, driving them through to purchase and conversion. A retargeting strategy that is combined with the right copy and creative, supplemented with active community management will be what gets you the most efficient spend of your budget.

ROI for social media advertisement is almost unbeatable

The advertising tools available on platforms provide a level of targeting and personalized creative that can drive a far clearer ROI than that of a traditional media campaign, leading to instant results. Associated costs are also far lower, making driving traffic and purchases quick, easy and affordable for most businesses.

Insights, data and more information

Using social media advertising, you can find audiences you didn’t even know you needed. Some of the most valuable data for your business can come from social media advertising, with many platforms providing demographical data, giving real insight into how your adverts are performing and how they resonate with your target audience.

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