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Technology and our consistent use of social media has opened the market and possibilities for exploring people’s individual desires and pleasures. With the commercialisation of sex, until now has been dominated primarily by men, for example, the widespread popularity of pornography.

The emergence of sex tech and a more open forum of people discussing sex, the sex industry is being turned on its head. Sex tech is seeing droves of funding and above all is beginning to address both men and women’s sexual needs and wants alike.

We look at the brands who are empowering the market to experience sex toys and begin taking our sexual health very seriously. Whether you identify as a woman, man, gay, straight, poly or anything in between there is something for you and your lifestyle.


bellabeat is on a mission to empower women and provide them with the data and tools they need to discover themselves. Using big data to fuel the design for all their cleverly supplied products bellabeat use the information they collect to help women understand themselves better, sync their cycle, reach their goals and ultimately increase the quality of their life. And if that isn’t enough all their technology is invisible avoiding irrelevant notifications (less screen more love) and perfectly connected with nature using natural materials.

Their best-selling product the Leaf Chakra is the only wellness tracker made with natural crystals, hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood composite. No charging needed and you can wear it in the shower! But this is more than just smart jewellery the Chakra Love, is enhanced with Rose Quartz a stone known for promoting a positive outlook towards self and others.


MYHIXEL has revolutionised sexual activity for some men who experience ejaculatory reflex issues or who simply wish to improve. Inclusive of acclaimed professionals within the sexology, medical and cutting-edge technology. MYHIXEL is pioneering science and medical backed solutions for male sexual well-being, founded on international research.

The savvy MYHIXEL technology combines gamification and personalised programmes with medically approved MYHIXEL I aid pleasure device. Designed to specifically achieve climax control. Some men have improved their ejaculatory reflex control by 7x significantly improving their sexual experience and satisfaction naturally.


Award-winning business Lelo has received accolades for Luxury Brand of the Year, Best luxury Toy Range and Product Design Award for their elegant sex-toy design and innovative technology. Offering customers, a world of limitless pleasure, LELO luxury sex-toys have a full range of best-selling products ready to please their customer base.

Branded the luxury sex toy brand which is the best thing in hi-tech intimacy products such as their SONA 2 Cruise, ORA3 and TIANI 3 are among customers highly rated must-haves.

Smile Makers

Choose the right vibrator for you! Smile Makers elegant sex toys for women offer various experiences so you can find the right one to suit your needs. If you’re not sure which to choose you can try out their helpful online quiz to find the best fit.

Their sexologist specialists publish a variety of helpful online sex ed program answering all of your questions and busting those myths we all hear.

Smile Makers is on a mission to normalise the perception of female sexuality. They do this by bringing sex out into the open, creating sensual products for women and delivering sex education on female pleasure to the masses.

All of this paired with their quirky unique product line you can grab yourself a Fireman, Frenchman, The Tennis Coach or The Millionaire. Something for everyone!

Chiaro (Elvie)

Chiaro the parent company behind the ground-breaking technology brand Elvie. The product that develops smarter technology for women to improve their lives.

The fun an effective way to strengthen your pelvic floor, Elvie is providing faster postnatal recovery, better bladder control and above all a stronger orgasm for women. The award-winning Kegel trainer prides itself on delivery results in less that four weeks, through fun workouts and a savvy innovative application to help you track progress. Recommended by over 1,000 health professionals Elvie is one to watch in 2020.

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