Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics (UA) in 2023. Has your business made the change? If not, now is the time to begin that process. We provide access to data and analytical experts to help support and empower your marketing teams to confidently plan strategies, get to know target audiences, and tailor propositions. Most businesses have analytics set up but are you maximising its value? Can you trust the data?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer process new data from July 2023 and all users of UA will be mandated to move to GA4 or use another analytics platform. Here at The PHA Group, we are pleased to be working with our clients to lead the way in the implementation of GA4 alongside UA making it a seamless, hassle-free process for all in-house teams.

Our data and insights experts handle the process from start to finish with your team and objectives in mind. We will liaise with your stakeholders to ensure the system is set up so you can maximise the data available to you and your business.

GA4 is not an upgrade, but a completely new property so you will need to build your data history before you can begin decision making. Adopting GA4 alongside your existing UA will enable you to begin building this data history, filtering your data sources and implementing this enhanced measurement in to your marketing ecosystem. Although you can still UA until July 2023, if you want to have complete YoY data within your GA4 properly it means you needed to have GA4 setup by July 1st 2022! Every week that passes without GA4 is another week of data gap you will have come 2023. Don’t leave it too late, implementing the property and training your team early is important.

If your business is looking for support transitioning to GA4 get in touch today to discuss how we could support you.

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