The Rise of the Sharing Economy

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2016 has become the year of the sharing economy, with people now being able to rent other’s homes, cars and even clothes. Every sector has spotted this increasing trend, and the success of Airbnb, the sharing economy of spare rooms has led to companies appearing that are specialising solely on peer to peer renting. With recent advances in technology, it is now cheaper and easier for these companies to reach a mass audience, but how can you tell which company has the most potential and longevity in this ever growing arena?

Here are our top 7 sharing economy companies that we are expecting big things from in the coming months:

  1. DogBuddy
    The go to destination for pet owners, DogBuddy pairs pet owners who are looking for trustworthy people to sit, with keen pet lovers. With a community that is growing every day, this company has certainly picked up on huge number of pet owners looking for an alternative to kennels.Dog Vacay Sharing Economy App The PHA Group
  2. Borrow my Doggy
    The go-to for dog-lovers looking to bond with a local pup for shorter periods of time, Borrow My Doggy helps owners find someone to walk and look after their dog when they can’t. Perfect for dog-lovers in the city who can’t keep a pet of their own full time.Y3TF47KGF7
  3. Spinlister
    A great app for those looking to try new sport without the expenses, Spinlister allows you to rent a bike, surfboard or snowboard from someone nearby who shares your interests. Although an American company, Spinlister has bike users in London and is looking to expand itself out into new areas soon- definitely one to watch!Spinlister Sharing Economy Tech PR The PHA Group
  4. Gamping
    An Airbnb for campers, Gamping helps you source the perfect location for you all your camping adventures, whether it be a space with ocean front views or a pitch in the middle of a vineyard. Although still relatively new to the market, being only two years old, the company already boasts 8,000 locations in 42 countries, with the UK being their next focus. It certainly has the potential to do for camping what Airbnb has done for rentals with the right PR strategy.Camping Sharing Economy The PHA Group
  5. easyCarClub
    Our own client, easyCar Club, is making waves in social car renting. The platform lets car owners rent out their vehicles to other people to make some extra cash – with average earnings of £1,800 per year. The platform – which lets you search for cars by area and time needed – is a convenient, affordable alternative to traditional car hire.driving
  6. LoveHomeSwap
    Home Swap has taken Airbnb and gone one step further, allowing families to completely swap their lives for a new take on holidays. If you’re a family with children, this is a great way to travel light, as you can swap with another family that already has all the toys, keeping your luggage to the minimum. The website is also flexible to your needs – you can swap at the same time or agree on different dates, or simply stay in another swapper’s home without doing a direct swap. The best part is that there it cuts the cost of a hefty hotel bill, replacing with a small membership fee.Home Swap App Tech PR The PHA Group
  7. Twickets
    Twickets is the go to for anyone who is tired of paying extortionate amounts for tickets on trading platforms. Describing itself as ‘Fair to Fans’, Twickets allows traders to sell their tickets for face value or cheaper and is set to pose a real challenge to secondary tickets sites, such as Viagogo and Seatwave.Ticket App for cheap concert tickets
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