PropTech companies helping buyers get on the property ladder

What is PropTech? Simply stated… PropTech is the term used to describe the broad application of technology within real estate.

It is reported that less than 4 in 10 adults (38%) between the ages of 25-34 are homeowners. Rising property prices and increasing deposits are two challenges but so is the current financial crisis with 83% of adults in the UK reporting an increase to their cost-of-living. Many potential homeowners are getting trapped into renting but several PropTech businesses have emerged who make it easier for users to stop renting and start owning…

There are now a number of businesses operating in this space so having a unique voice that sets your brand apart is critical to building consumer trust and raising awareness of the services you offer.
Today, we look at five PropTech companies that are setting trends in their sector.

Mojo Mortgages

In 2016, Nicholas Sherratt and Richard Hayes started Mojo Mortgages with the mission to make getting a mortgage an easy, fast, and effective process. This company’s platform lets users compare thousands of different mortgages at lightning speed and then Mojo Mortgages handles the entire application for buyers, helping them secure the best deal which will save the buyer time, money, and stress.

Mojo Mortgages have raised a total of £7.8M since the business launched. Instead of going to multiple mortgage brokers and spending hours in meetings, Mojo Mortgages offer a one-stop shop where the customer will receive the best possible deal with no broker fees.


Proportunity was launched with the mission to unlock the future of home financing which, in turn, will meaningfully improve customers’ lives. This company’s platform works in four simple steps: calculate a budget, find a home, apply for home finance, repay the loan.

Proportunity is an innovative tech-driven mortgage lender that combines smart technology with financing to help home buyers get on the property ladder in the 21st century. What’s better is that to be eligible for an account, the customer just needs a deposit as small as 5%, a minimum income of £30K as an individual or £45K combined, and a clean credit history.


“We help you fund, find, buy, and manage your home”. Wayhome was founded in 2016 with this incredibly innovative outlook on the process of home buying. This company take mortgages completely out of the equation. All the home buyer does is deposit 5%. Wayhome then connects a buyer to a lender who deposit the remaining 95%. After that, the house is theirs.

Wayhome helps customers buy a home when a mortgage does not work. With this model, they will part buy and part rent a home while the customer will gradually buy Wayhome out with no stress and no renting. To make it even better, once the customer buys the home, Wayhome help manage it on their behalf.


For customers who want complete transparency from their companies, CrowdProperty is for them. Just from the website you can see statistics from how much property CrowdProperty has funded to how many investors this company has and more.

CrowdProperty was launched in 2013 with the mission to build a more rewarding and secure financial era whilst making a lasting and significant contribution back into society, and have raised a total of £3.9M to fulfil this. CrowdProperty do this through its platform of using technology to have a peer-to-peer lending platform that specializes in loans towards small real estate developers.


100% fee free? This concept seems ridiculous when discussing the topic of buying a home, but it’s not. Trussle fight for fairer mortgages. Trussle gets paid by customers’ lender when they complete their mortgage or remortgage.

The platform is easy to navigate, clear, and informative from the moment a customer signs up to purchasing their home. With many positive reviews, Trussle continues to grow as a leading PropTech company transforming the mortgage application process.

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