Our favourite femcare brands on the market

The importance of self-care has grown significantly, between 2019-2020, self-care related searches increased by 250%.  This statistic demonstrates opportunities for brands to enter a previously untouched market. Whilst the demand for self-care products continues to grow, markets such as Femcare have also experienced great growth. Here we look at some exciting brands that are gaining attention with their innovative products and making moves towards the future of the industry. 


Having launched in 2016, TOTM is a sustainably sourced and reusable period care brand which creates products using organic cotton. Since launching online, the brand has eclipsed over 100,00 eco-friendly orders and has gained a strong social presence with over 27k followers on Instagram. TOTM places importance on ensuring they are sustainably compliant by removing plastic packaging and plastic applicators, and instead alternatively selecting biodegradable cardboard applicators.  

The period-care brand has been accredited with several awards such as winning the best overall niche brand in the direct commerce awards 2021 and with the products now proudly sitting on the shelves of national mainstream chains such as Tesco, Superdrug and Ocado. TOTM is ready to disrupt the period care market and expand even further in the years to come. 


Ohne is a tampon subscription service that aims to improve the well-being of its customers. The startup was created by best friends Nikki Michelson and Leah Remry-Peploe who wanted the brand to centre itself on dissolving taboos surrounding periods. Products are both vegan free and biodegradable.

The start-up is known for using their presence to support social matters, in 2018 they teamed up with School Club Zambia where they donated 1% of subscription revenue to the cause – working towards creating a sustainable change for the future. Whilst Ohne is still in its early years as a business, it is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Here We Flo 

Focused on creating sustainable femcare products, Here We Flo products are all made from 100% organic or natural materials. They also donate towards social and charitable causes, which includes donating 5% of profits to the Orchid Project and donating products to Bloody Good period who take care of UK asylum centres and food banks. 

Here We Flo was recently announced as one of the winners of the Sky Zero Footprint Fund competition recognised for inspiring “behaviour change for a better world”. The London based brand will be displayed on Sky’s media channels in the weeks leading up to the closely approaching COP26 Climate change conference. The future seems positive, as the brand continues to advance and become frontrunners in the Femcare market. 


Voted as one of TIME’s best inventions of 2020, Callaly has launched the Callaly tampliner which aims to be a solution for the future of period care. The brand has designed a hybrid version of a tampon and panty liner which reduces the chance of leakage and equips their customers with a more comfortable experience. Since 2020, the company has sold more than a million tampliners in the UK. Boxed in recyclable cardboard and emblazed in colourful patterns, the brand effortlessly stands out. 

The company has achieved certified B corporation status and regularly donates to non-profit organisations, committing to donating 1% of their annual sales revenue. Over the years the company has accumulated an array of awards such as winning 2021 startup of the year at the Amazon launchpad innovation awards. With the innovation of products to benefit the industry and its consumers, Callaly is a brand that is destined to help create lasting change.

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