Written by Katia Ponnampalam • Published 21st August 2015

Test the PR potential of your campaign

Do you have an issue that you need to put in the spotlight, a corner that needs fighting or a campaign that deserves media and public attention? With so many worthwhile causes out there and so many voices clamouring to be heard, it can be hard to develop a campaign which will pack the punch and achieve your desired objectives.

This short quiz will test the PR potential of your cause or issue based campaign – and is full of helpful tips and tricks to help make your winning cause a media success.

PR Disaster

Without PR support, your campaign is dead in the water! If you want media success you should reconsider your approach and think about PR support. Contact us for more advice

PR Potential

A good start, but you have a long way to go to make the front pages. Contact us for more advice

PR Pro

You’ve got the knowledge! Putting it into practice can be another matter. Get in touch with us for a chat if you want more advice