MoneyLive Summit 2019: Ones to watch

This week will see hundreds flock to QEII Exhibition Centre in London for 2019’s edition of MoneyLIVE Summit.

Featuring the best and brightest from the worlds of banking, payments and FinTech – attendees will be able to mix and mingle with leadership from blue-chip organisations like HSBC, OakNorth, Monzo and Barclays.

The event provides an opportunity for the most disruptive new players in the sector to put themselves in front of a wider audience. So, we’ve looked at five for you to get excited about.


According to ONS statistics, there are more than 4.8 million self-employed people now working in the UK, and this is a number that continues to grow.

However, many self-employed workers may find themselves ostracised by a financial system designed for workers in ‘traditional’ roles, and scores more caught out by periods of low or slow work.

Trezeo solves by providing financial service products specifically designed for self-employed workers. Trezeo offers both personal accident insurance, as well as a machine learning-powered ‘income smoothing’ offering, which eliminates fluctuations in the amount that a worker earns, ensuring that there’s certainty in weekly incomes


Around 110,000 property transactions take place every month in the UK. However, if you’ve ever tried to purchase property, then you’ll know that this isn’t always easy. The process of buying a home can be incredibly laborious, relying on manual, paper-based processes, with incredibly slow decision times and a general air of opacity.

Molo – the UK’s first fully digital mortgage lender – aims to remedy some of these ills by leveraging technology to provide a better experience. Molo promises to respond to a mortgage application within a 24-hour window – with the reasoning behind any decision being provided in real time to provide full transparency. Molo also prides itself on having low fees, and no hidden fees, with any savings being passed onto the customer!


Raisin looks to help its customers save time and money when looking for savings products. Through its saving marketplace, Raisin users can easily compare and apply for a variety of savings products offered by its partner institutions across the UK and Europe.

Users can apply for multiple products at one time, and the Raisin platform also automates the process of deposit and withdrawal. To add the cherry on top, all the products on offer are covered by the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme!

Yoyo Wallet

For the consumer, Yoyo Wallet combines mobile payments, digital receipt collection and an automated loyalty program into one platform. Users are given an individual QR code which lets a customer make payments with their smartphone. Using the data received, Yoyo can also send rewards and offers based on the distinct shopping behaviours of the user.

This data can also be given to the retailer, who can leverage it to make better decisions, improving their ROI.


FIntune has built a saving solution aimed at introducing children to financial concepts and educating them on responsible habits.

Their first product is composed of a physical, digitally-enabled money box. This acts as a companion to a financial literacy app which teaches skills around earning, saving and spending. Parents can use the app to monitor activity, set up pocket money, assign tasks and organize wish lists

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