The mental health platforms on the minds of every employee

Mental health is a topic that has grown in importance within business environments in recent years. Poor mental health costs employers approximately £33-£43 billion a year with further data showing 57% of organisations are now actively focusing on wellbeing activity off the back of the pandemic. In this article, we look at the mental health platforms pushing to make a positive difference in employee wellbeing.


Based in London, Unmind is a B2B mental health platform, helping employees to better understand and improve their own wellbeing. The brand has shown continued growth and has partnered with some of the largest global brands including Uber, Gymshark and Sainsbury’s. Offering services such as self-guided programmes to reduce stress and anxiety, Unmind is providing businesses with actionable tools they can use to rethink mental health in their workplaces. 

Earlier this year, the mental health platform successfully raised $47M to invest in their research and continue to build on their growth. With Unmind now available in 110 countries and revenue has increased by 3x in the last twelve months, it will be one to keep a close eye on as they further their development.


Mental health consultancy, Luminate are focused on creating a positive outlook within organisations and improving workplace culture. The brand offers a range of packages such as company wellbeing programmes, mental health first aid and employee surveying. 

Luminate has gone on to work with world recognisable corporations such as Accenture, Deloitte, and Sotheby’s, helping to transform their company wellbeing. As the corporate world begins to pay increasing attention to employee wellness, Luminate is sure to be at the forefront of this movement helping drive positive change.  

Frankie Health 

Based in Dublin, Frankie Health is a B2B mental health platform using machine learning and computer vision to enable employees to receive personalised care for their mental health. The platform offers unique services such as instant onboarding with access to leading mental health therapists, preventable exercises rather than reactive care and measurable outcomes. 

Earlier this year, Frankie Health successfully raised $1.25M to invest the funds into developing their team across engineering, design and marketing. Presently, the app is available in Europe but according to the company’s website, will soon be launching in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

Spectrum Life 

The largest provider of employee wellness and health services in Ireland, Spectrum life offers 24/7 access to support services such as mental health therapy and mental health coaching as well as providing e-learning through clinically approved mental health content. The app boasts over one million active users and offers support to 1500 organisations across Ireland and the UK. 

Working with companies such as PWC, Crown Commercial Service and Tesco, the mental health brand has grown exponentially with a 67% growth in headcount within the last 24 months. Earlier this year the company successfully raised $3M to develop their services overseas across other territories within Europe as well as Asia and Australia. 

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