Meet our people; Alex Cornwell

What do you love most about the sport and fitness industry?

It’s the passion and personality that drives its constant innovation. Innovation is at its core in the current climate and it really is growing at an exponential rate.

It affords such versatility for you to try new things, whether that be rock-climbing, virtual reality or the latest studio concept.

The opportunities are endless which only harnesses its competitive environment, something which I’ve always been myself from a young age.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your sporting background and how that helps you in your day to day role at PHA?

Running, and specifically, middle/long-distance running was my sport on a competitive level from the age of 10 years old. It took me to some incredible places, and at my pinnacle I was able to represent my country twice, going on to pursue a sports scholarship at the University of New Mexico (for any Breaking Bad fans, it’s well worth a visit!).

Through being involved in elite sport, I’ve developed a well-rounded appreciation for new tech innovating the sports and fitness sectors, and the sports science and application behind these technologies. Having an understanding of the performance pathways from participation to elite level has also been incredibly useful.

Fitness has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. What trends do you expect to see boom this year?

I think virtual reality is going to be a massive growth area not only for this year but through the next decade as individual’s look for new and exciting ways to experience the benefits of health and fitness. Connectivity is one element in particular that has almost become a given for tech brands and their products/services in recent years too and I see no let-up here.

What are the key area’s start-ups need to focus on when trying to raise awareness of their offering?

I think authenticity, education and messaging are absolutely fundamental. In what is now such a competitive industry, it pays to make sure consumers fully understand your product / service and why they should try it. That being said , people are expecting rather than looking for the next big thing, so it starts with awareness; authenticity, education and messaging are some of the pillars that are then paramount within that to consider when driving that awareness.

You’ve been involved in working on some great accounts at The PHA Group, are there any highlights?

OPRO & dryrobe standout as two major success stories of late. As brands, they’ve both been on incredible journeys and despite being what some might consider as quite niche in their own right as products, we’ve delivered some quite incredible results for them. Its been about championing their stories, truly understanding their versatile audiences, and thinking of innovative ways to celebrate what they do.

On a personal level, its also been hugely enjoyable to work with a number of mass participation events over the years including the likes of the Royal Parks Half Marathon, ASO (organisers of the Tour De France) and Spartan Race. Although I no longer compete at the level I used to, it’s very rewarding to see events likes those that these brands come to life. True celebrations of health and fitness, reaching new audiences and captivating people from all walks of life.

Finally, as a PR professional what’s your golden piece of advice you’d give to any budding PR professionals beginning their career?

Being personable is everything. If you’re passionate about what you do, then don’t hold back from letting this shine through on a day to day basis. You’ll build strong relationships that act as a platform to champion the brands you work with. Always see yourself as an extension of their business.

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