iPhone X: Made for Social Media

A new iPhone launch is pretty much guaranteed to make a big splash; there’s the hype before, the constant chatter, the infamous Apple Store queues and of course, the fallout. The weeks where the only things you see on Social Media are iPhone related, endless new technology fads and features played out over every inch of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is normally easily divided into two camps: 1. Those with the iPhone, telling us all how marvellous it is, and 2. Those without it, telling them how stupid they are to spend £1000 on something they’ll probably leave in the back of an Uber next Friday night.

The latest of these escapades should have been the iPhone 8, but alas, this was overshadowed, if not totally eclipsed by the 10-year anniversary marking iPhone X. So, now that the launch of the famed X is here, what features can we expect to hear about?

This phone was designed for a generation of selfie-takers, a generation that lives and breathes Social Media and puts new experiences and interactions at the top of the agenda. There are countless features on the iPhone X that cater to these desires, though perhaps the most obvious are those involving the camera.

This includes options for studio, contour and stage lighting, built into both the back and front-facing cameras. The humble torch has practically evolved into a halo light, both rear cameras have optical image stabilisation and super-fast lenses to capture scenes in low light, and its incredible new depth sensors will transform the way we use and play with Augmented Reality. This ability to merge reality with more fun additions and embellishments is a key draw for younger generations, whose world is ever expanding into the realms of VR and AR.

Perhaps the biggest technological innovation in the iPhone X is their facial recognition tool, which will elevate communication to a new, weirdly abstracted level. As we all well know, emojis have become a language and elaborate dialogue in and of themselves. There is now even a man with job title: Emoji Translator. Their ability to be universal, both language-less and boundary-less, has led to widespread adoption and daily use, so much so that a post without an emoji is a rarity these days.

Apple iPhone X using new GIF fox

Apple has taken this one step further, by allowing you to physically speak through an emoji. Animoji is the curious lovechild of Emojis and facial recognition technology, and will no doubt soon be plastered all over Social Media, WhatsApp and iMessage. Apple has captured the desire for new quirky experiences, and the need for constant communication, and rolled it into a perfect millennial shaped talking poop. Why not I suppose?

And again, this same technology can be applied to the Gen Z favourites, Snapchat and Instagram. Their in-built face filters can now be used with hugely increased accuracy in both application and tracking, which will be especially noticeable around the eyes. This seamless integration of AR into Social Media is a trend of the last few years, and one that certainly isn’t going anywhere. Apple, as usual, are right on trend and will continue to push development of these technologies for themselves and their competitors.

Apple iPhone X preview using multiple colours

These features are all image or video driven and will be a key selling point for so many willing to part with a cool 1K for the latest gadget. Apple has honed in on what matters to people now, and as we’ve seen across Social Media, video is King. The iPhone X was made for Social Media, made to be shared and made to be talked about. We saw this at their launch, where they quickly brushed over the ‘techy’ bits. Apple knows its software is cutting edge and its processors are faster than ever, but they also know that a lot of consumers don’t really care about that. We were all going to buy the newest model anyway, we just needed a good excuse to skip the iPhone 8 and drop a couple extra hundred quid…Perfectly contoured selfies every time? Sounds good to me.

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