Insulation firms helping save on energy bills

Could reducing heat loss from houses be more effective in the long term than subsidising energy bills? Potentially so. Michael Savage, editor of the The Guardian implies Britain could be pushed into an even worse energy crisis without an urgent plan to improve leaky homes and reduce demand for gas.  

Research from the Institute for Government (IfG) found the UK scored worse than countries across Europe for the energy efficiency of its homes. UK homes have also been categorised as the oldest with 52% of homes in England being built before 1965 and nearly 20% before 1919.  

Not only are poorly insulated homes financially crippling for many Britons, but they are also a huge contributing factor to global warming. It is estimated that correct wall and loft insulation can save 2 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions per home annually. However the shocking failure of the UK to insulate homes is one of the key reasons the UK is set to miss the country’s flagship net-zero target according to an article from the News Scientist 

Addressing this issue will be immensely important towards helping the UK deliver on its commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Here are 6 UK insulation companies who excite us as the conversation around green housing ramps up:  


ROCKWOOL limited (part of the ROCKWOOL group) is a local organisation offering a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products. Their product range reflects the diversity of the world’s needs while supporting stakeholders in reducing their carbon footprint. A recent article from the Construction Enquirer Directory promoted the launch of the NyRock technology. This is an evolution in stone wool composition that delivers the lowest lambda stone wool insulation available in the UK  

Knauf Insulation UK & Ireland 

As one of the fastest growing and most respected names in insulation worldwide, Knauf is committed to helping their customers to meet the increasing demand for energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings. The worldwide glass and mineral wall insulation manufacturer approved a £40m investment into its St Helens site last week. This move is planned to boost capacity at two of its UK Glass Mineral Wool plants as well as improving the range, availability, and sustainability of its products. 

Dyson Energy Services 

Dyson Energy Services have been setting the standard in energy efficiency for 40 years with 2022 being a milestone year as they celebrate becoming one of the longest-serving installation companies in the industry. They specialise in installation, maintenance and replacement energy solutions and services to homes and businesses. They offer a range of insulation services including Cavity Wall Insulation, Cavity Wall Extraction, Room in roof insulation, internal and external wall insulation, under floor insulation and loft insulation.  


InstaGroup puts 40 years of experience into every installation by focusing on what is right for your home so you can be sure that when they install insulation, you will see the results in your energy bills and feel the results in every room. With a unique approach to every home, InstaGroup believe their approach will help to identify the most appropriate material, energy system and draught prevention technique that will help to deliver the best results for that home. 

A&M Energy Group 

A&M Energy Group specialise in the supply and installation of loft and cavity wall insulation products for homeowners, house builders and contractors and public sector markets. They help to deliver bespoke energy saving insulation to solutions that help ensure their home or property is more energy efficient.  

YBS Insulation  

YBS are a UK based multi-process manufacturer with over 25 years of knowledge and experience, producing over two million metres of reflective insulation every year, with a global customer base and extensive national market. A world leader in reflective insulation manufacturing and solutions covering an extensive range of industries. 2022 has been a significant year for the firm as they were crowned the Winner at 2022 Made in Sheffield Awards, Manufacturer of the Year (under £25m).  

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