Written by Hayley Bromfield • Published 29th June 2018 • 2 minute read

Music, video, gaming and translation. We take a look at the developments and features rocking the social media scene.

Release your inner music mogul as Instagram announce adding soundtracks to your Instagram story. With thousands of tracks offered inside the application, and new songs being added daily. Instagram stories is now used by over 400 million people each day and is expected to generate $5.48 billion in U.S ad revenue in 2018 according to EMarketer. Only last week did they announce the launch of IGTV with early numbers indicating it is helping Instagram retain users. SimilarWeb research indicated the average user time hit 55 minutes per day, up from 29 minutes recorded in September.

So, will recent changes make a significant impact on the types of content we create? If Instagram were to extend their music functionality to their new IGTV function could this be a direct impact on social platform Musical.ly? If so, the latter could do great things for tapping into the Gen Z market, which currently shows a strong affinity and loyalty to apps like Snapchat and Musical.ly. Similarly, IGTV has worked as a draw for existing content creators to move over to Instagram entirely, where previously they used YouTube to hold their longer-form content. Even within this first week of its launch, we have seen an increase in the number of influencers tapping into the power of mobile-optimised video.

Hayley Coleby, Senior Social Media Director says “Video is superseding all forms of creative content. The recent investments in stories from Instagram and Facebook has shown increases in engagement, time spent on the platform and advert revenue. As a team we are creating more video content than ever before. We also understand that music plays an important role in the way we share memories and express ourselves with friends and family, so we will certainly look to incorporate it into our creative campaigns”.

The race to announce the next ‘big’ feature is certainly on with Snapchat and Youtube no doubt feeling the pressure, but it’s not just video and music that’s become a focus. Business networking platform LinkedIn has just added the ability to translate content in more than 60 languages, with more coming soon, as well as QR codes designed to allow people to share their contacts quicker. Both functionalities are a no-brainer for the platform but have already generated higher engagement and usage.

It’s not all fun and games, or is it? Google is of course keeping up with the pace of the social industry and is reportedly planning to launch a gaming platform to rival big players Playstation and Xbox. Snapchat is also getting in on the action rumouring to launch a new gaming interface. But we’ve seen before platforms experimenting with short, shareable mini-games so our guess is it could incorporate some AI features, which would certainly be a unique proposition.