Written by Gareth Beddoes • Published 6th May 2016 • 3 minute read

We take a look at the apps and platforms that keep you safe on and offline

Over the last decade, security has certainly become more of a talking point, be it online or in the real world. Specialist positions and in some cases, whole departments, have been created to counteract the threat which is now posed. This is without mentioning the platforms and apps which have been created as solutions as well, which will be the focus of this piece. 2015, in particularly was a milestone year when it came to big businesses being hacked online – TalkTalk and Ashley Madison the two highest profile cases which caused furore across the UK Media. Unfortunately, as is the case in all walks of life, the cheaters will always be one step ahead of the preventers. With all this in mind and with safety online and offline being absolutely paramount, we’re going to take a look at the best pieces of security technology to help you and those closest to you remain safe.

  • SafeToNet is an extremely sophisticated system which protects individuals and families online. It manages to combine sentiment, behavioural and correlative analytics to help detect the difference between aggression and banter. It blocks harmful content in real-time, reports on risk level and generally safeguards your family, if necessary. The service also tracks historic and current activity as well as staying vigilant in terms of trends in cyber space, using this to guide and advise users how to best stay safe online.

    image courtesy of safetonet.com

  • Nobullying is another cleverly designed platform which stands for exactly as you would expect. It provides support and guidance for parents, teachers and teenagers, all of whom can be affected by online and physical bullying. The major development which it has brought to the market is the ability for parents to receive and alerts should their children’s social media activity be construed as odd, out of character, or negative. This still allows freedom for children, without the feeling they’re being constantly monitored!

image courtesy of nobullying.com

  • Watch Over Me is an app that helps people in the physical form and watches over you for a specific period of time, you dictate how long for. All you do is provide details on location and then merely tap to signal that your safe. Alternatively, in an emergency you can just shake the phone to set off the alarm, record a video and alert your emergency contacts. The app also alerts you if you’re about to enter an area of high crime levels, in case you’d like it to watch over you while you’re in that area.
watch over me app

Image courtesy of watchovermeapp.com

  • Companion is in the same mould to Watch Over Me and lets you reach out to family, friends, or your public safety department to have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night. Friends or family don’t need to have the app installed to watch your back. You can also help the community identify uneasy areas, which Companion will pass on to ensure yourself and other remain as safe as possible.

Image courtesy of Companionapp.io

  • Stay Safe Business is an app that I find intriguing. Once downloaded the app then connect to the Hub – a web based mapping portal which displays the location of each lone worker and updates in real-time as workers change location. If a lone worker fails to check-in safely after meetings, travelling and lone working sessions, the lone worker protection app will trigger an alert, which will be instantly received by the online Hub as a pop up alert. SMS and email notification options are also available. With flexible working forever on the rise, this is a great tool.
Image courtesy of Stay Safe Business

Image courtesy of Stay Safe Business

The PHA Group have worked with a number of companies in this sphere, including Digitalis, an online reputation and intelligence firm and Moochies for Kids, the first smart watch for kids helping them to stay safe.