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Tech PR Event

Technology was once considered a thing of the future. Something to look forward to, an aspiration. However those days are gone, along with dial-up modems and antennas on mobiles. Now technology and the news and excitement around the latest and greatest innovations dominate more column inches than any other sector throughout the country.

Here are The PHA Group, we have drastically noticed the rise in media focus, from 3D printing to any “gadget” or new time-saving app, and have developed expertise to become one of the leading tech PR agencies in the country, specialising in launching new brands into the UK market. We work with a host of leading tech companies, including Purplebricks.com, the #1 start-up in the UK as voted by Startups magazine, and have secured high-quality mainstream media coverage for every company that we have worked with. The reason for this is a true understanding of the media climate and working with our clients to create cut through stories that are able to be seen ahead of the other 1.46 million voices in the UK’s booming tech sector.

On 16th June, we will be hosting a free networking event and seminar on ‘how to get your brand noticed ahead of the competition’ in the most competitive of spaces. We will offer practical insight, using real-life examples, to explain how to differentiate your brand, using existing assets, from data to the individuals behind the business, and ultimately create coverage.

The tech team have worked across a variety of industries from start-up apps to some of the world’s biggest brands and the question is always the same – what is the defining message for your business and how does this differ from what is already available? Press coverage has the potential to establish trust and credibility in a new company, which without, a brand can never survive.

The event will also be a great opportunity to meet & greet with fellow like-minded tech entrepreneurs, journalists and marketing professionals over breakfast.

For more information contact us below or visit bit.ly/1JdT4YH

Looking forward to seeing you there!