Written by Lily Barnes • Published 19th September 2018 • 4 minute read

The market is particularly saturated with both well established and newly emerging brands and products, especially during the festive period. To get your product and voice standing out amongst the rest it is imperative you have set in place a strong integrated communications strategy that speaks directly to your target audience.

The following tips and advice provide an overview of the ways in which you can raise your brand’s profile within the media and amongst consumers.

Tip 1 – Product placement and journalist reviews

One of the most effective ways of elevating a brand or product in the media during this busy time of year is through successful product placement and journalist reviews.

Being named in a “Ten best of” or “Five hot new products” style feature can give your brand huge credibility and exposure and can have a big impact on sales.

JML: “Everyday Easier”: cutting through the noise to make JML the number one household brand

Product placement was vital, and we achieved regular, targeted placement across the media spectrum, with several pieces featuring in specific seasonal gift guides. To further support the launches, we negotiated media partnerships to secure competitions and reader offers for the products. With a total reach of 726,824,645, our work ensured JML took prime-position as the number one household brand in the UK.

Tip 2 – Social media

Another fundamental part of making your product a must have is through engaging social media content.

A great way to engage followers is to establish regular content creation, for example ‘Christmas inspiration’ or ‘fun fact Friday’. Using new digital tools such as IGTV or Instagram stories will get your product noticed, especially if you use it in an unusual way. Make sure you use your community to promote your products and give positive reviews.

Creating a three-month calendar will also help ensure all social channels are kept up-to-date and in line with the PR plan. It is vital that the tone of voice across all platforms is in-sync, our social media team can help you ensure your content is always going out at the same time of the day as well as consistent.

Tip 3 – Celebrity or influencer endorsement

Celebrities and now influencers are an extremely powerful commodity when it comes to selling products.

When looking to work with a celebrity it is important to first think about the difference between a celebrity ambassadorial role and celebrity endorsement. A celebrity ambassador will become the face of the brand and will usually be contracted to doing several interviews, photoshoots and events. This is normally the costliest option, but it does offer a brand a lot more scope than targeted celebrity endorsement.

Example: Lapland

We approached A-list celebrities who have children between the ages of 2-12 and arranged for them to book a trip with their family to LaplandUK in exchange for a quote or social media post. We secured visits from the Beckhams, David Furnish, Emma Bunton, Simon Peg, Emilia Fox and Katie Piper to name a few. The campaign was extremely successful with the experience selling out within two-and-a-half-weeks of being open.

Tip 4 – Celebrity and influencer gifting

Targeted celebrity and influencer gifting can be a much cheaper, way of generating celebrity endorsement.

To get an influencer to talk about or endorse a product, it must be either beneficial for them or something they believe in. Therefore, brands must think about the right influencer for their product.

Examples: The British Library

We were tasked with generating widespread press coverage for The British Library to showcase their membership scheme as the Christmas gift for the imagination. To promote the new membership, we worked with a range of high-profile digital influencers, based in London, providing them with complimentary memberships in exchange for reviews across their online channels.

We partnered with a number of influencers such as Liberty London Girl, Not such a Model Mum and Boo & Maddie to produce impactful online content for The British Library Membership.

Tip 5 – Press Event

Press events allow you to interact with journalists, develop relationships and ultimately create brand ambassadors who could become hugely valuable. Press launch events for a product, allow brand representatives to discuss the idea, the ingredients and components and also gives journalists the opportunity to try the product out first hand.

There are four main components to planning an event: planning, timing, theme and follow up. For more information about how to run the perfect PR event get in touch here.

Example: positioning JD Women as a leading athleisure brand.

To educate the press on JD Women’s unique offering we created themed press events, a first for the brand. The events focused on their fitness and fashion offerings and created excitement amongst our media targets, resulting in key relationships being built between the fashion press and JD Women. Strong journalist relationships were built with over 230 attendees across two seasonal press days, resulting in a real understanding of the brand amongst the fitness and fashion media.

A PR agency can help you engage with the right audience helping you to create and implement a communications strategy for your business and brand ahead of Christmas. Get in touch now to see how we can help you.